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Bust-A-Move 4

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Dreamcast 12 3.8
Game Boy Color 4 2.9
PlayStation 5 3.4
Windows 6 3.3
Combined MobyScore 27 3.5

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PlayStationGaming Entertainment Monthly
This is a must-get puzzle game if you own a Playstation, especially if you love puzzle games. Until I see IQ2, I don't think my Playstation will be seeing a new puzzle game until I'm forced to review another lame rip-off. Taito started an original franchise, and they'll be milking it until it's not popular. That will probably be when they get to part 19 or something like that.
WindowsGamePro (US)
With over 600 levels, this game has more than enough variety to keep any puzzle fanatic playing for months on end. And when you tack on the Edit mode and the exciting head-to-head multiplay, Bust-A-Move 4 adds up to a complete package that's a welcome addition to any gamer's library.
When all is said and done, Bust-a-Move 4 is just a whole lot of fun. Yeah, it could have been better, but what's here is well worth the price of $29.99, and puzzle fan or no, you'll have a blast with this one. If you're looking for a good game to pass the time between now and the big fall push, this is certainly a good place to start.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Bust-A-Move 4 provides hour upon hour of mega-gripping, brain-busting, bubble-blasting entertainment for all ages of the family. Every home should own a copy. However should you already own one of the past versions then be warned that the gameplay (with a few improvements) remains very similar... busting billions of bubbles.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
Bust-A-Move 4 is a quality puzzle game with lots of replayability, tons of gameplay modes, and a nifty theme that's great for kids and adults alike. If you like puzzle games (or baby green dinosaurs with pointed teeth), you should probably "bust a move" (get it?) down to the local store and pick it up. Word to your mother.
WindowsElectric Playground
Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move is arguable the most popular puzzle game of all time, and if you factor in the continuing success of the game as a series then there is no doubt whatsoever. Much of its ongoing success can be attributed to the basic gameplay, which lends itself well to small modifications. While Tetris takes radical departures and never matches up to its original and Bomberman sequels go completely off of the wall into an adventure dramas, Bust-A-Move keeps popping its bubbles in game after game of mind-numbing bliss.
Game Boy ColorSuper Play
Musiken i Bust-A-Move 4 passar spelets upplägg. Men om man inte spelar själv kan den bli väldigt enformig. Grafiken är pyttig och ibland är det svårt att sikta rätt på den lilla skärmen, särskilt om man har en gammal Game Boy-modell utan färgskärm. Ändå är det här ett av de roligaste bärbara pusselspelen som har släppts.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Ja wat zal ik zeggen: of je haat Bust-a-Move of je bent er gek op of je kent het nog niet. Behoor je tot een van de laatste twee categorieën, haast je dan naar de winkel voor een exemplaar van Bust-a-Move 4. Succes verzekerd!
Bust-A-Move 4 is an update of a classic series that fails to live up to potential. Just why Taito didn't include a 4 player mode is beyond comprehension, especially with the 4 controller ports in the Dreamcast. If you've never owned a Bust-A-Move game in the past there really is no reason not to have a this title in your collection. It may not push the system to its limits, but it is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.
PlayStationSuper Play
I övrigt bjuder inte det här spelet på så mycket mera. Taito har nog förlitat sig lite väl mycket bra sitt traditionella bubbelkoncept. Istället för att inse att inga bra koncept är bra koncept längre när de inte förbättras.
Sin lugar a dudas estamos ante un juego divertidísimo, el mejor de DC en su género. Ahora bien, tenemos un problema y es que es la enésima versión de un concepto que se repite una y otra vez excepto por pequeñas novedades (el sistema de poleas y algún personaje) y además cuenta con dos grandes defectos, los tiempos de carga y la no inclusión de versus a cuatro personas. Con todo, no seamos catastrofistas, estamos ante un puzzle que nos tendrá horas pegado a la televisión y si es con amigos, muchas más, porque addicción tiene de sobras para largas horas. También cabe destacar que Bust a Move 4 salió al a venta a precio reducido directamente en consola del espiral.
DreamcastConsoles Plus
Bust a Move 4 - et c'est bien dommage -, ne propose pas de réelle nouveauté par rapport au précédent épisode sur N64. Pire, le mode 4 joueurs en simultané n'est même plus présent dans cette version DC.
Bust-A-Move 4 ist meiner Meinung nach ganz klar das beste Pal-Puzzlespiel! Auch wenn das Spielprinzip nicht ganz so genial und süchtigmachend ist, beschäftigt man sich dank der vielen Möglichkeiten recht lange mit dem Titel. Matches gegen ein Kontrahenten sind dabei aber noch am besten, da sie am meisten Aktion und Spaß bieten. Die anderen Modi hingegen können mit der Zeit etwas öde werden, da es bei ihnen nichts frei zu schalten gibt und sie insgesamt auch nicht so aufregend sind. Alles in allem aber ein tolles Spiel.
WindowsGameguru Mania
Hey little children, catch your fathers under neck and tell them to go to gameshops and buy this funny, bobbling, creative game.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide
All in all, Bust-A-Move 4 is a great port of a classic Arcade game -- I only wish that Acclaim would have included some type of versus mode to satisfy my competitive urges. Maybe with Bust-A-Move 5. . . .
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Two new gameplay features, the chain reaction and the pulley, definitely deepen the game's strategy, while the control and the overall gameplay remain enjoyable. Visually, the backgrounds behind the game board are less intrusive than in past versions, and the music's only slightly less annoying though more repetitive.
Bust-A-Move 4 is a great diversion from the serious and morose action titles so in vogue as of late. The single-player game has enough characters to achieve a high volume of replay, and for puzzle battles, the multiplayer mode stands among one of the best. Bust-A-Move 4 will be the type of game you play with your non-gaming friends, because it's got so much character and because puzzle games are always respectable.
This game is great if you want to kill some time, whether it's by yourself or with your friend. If you don't have a Dreamcast, make an effort to get at least one of the Bust-A-Move titles in your collection -- you'll never be disappointed with your experience.
WindowsDaily Radar
Cheerful tunes and overly colorful balloons and explosions, as well as unceasing bleats and exclamations from the saccharine-sweet characters, make Bust-A-Move 4 an experience to overwhelm the senses. At times, the stimuli are distracting, forcing a player to struggle to employ good popping strategies. Otherwise, the game plays just fine, and PC owners will enjoy the game's carefree blend of yappy, happy visuals and decidedly strategic contests. The two-player mode (either via the Network or head-to-head) will present bubble assassins a wonderful distraction from the real world, and serves as the game's greatest draw.
DreamcastGaming Age
Bust-A-Move 4 isn't much of a departure from the rest of the series, but it does have some new additions and features that would warrant a purchase to those who haven't tried Bust-A-Move before, or are rabid fans of it. An online match up feature would have been nice, but at least we might see it in the next version of Bust-A-Move on the Dreamcast. Otherwise, the only nit picky problem I had with the game was the lack of a four player mode, and that sometimes the character you choose, is at times, so tall that they overlap a portion of the actual game screen.
Bust-a-Move isn't entirely a puzzle game, since it still requires quick hand-eye coordination of a shooter. Still, it's always been a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, the new chain-reactions of this sequel are a bit too much and take away from the overall simplistic nature of the game.
Un bon titre qui procurera des heures de plaisir à ceux qui ne connaissent pas le genre mais qui ne propose malheureusement que très peu de nouveautés pour les autres. Le style délirant très réussi et le gameplay exceptionnel en font néanmoins un choix à retenir.
The Dreamcast has a few solid puzzle games, but Bust-A-Move 4 is neither a new breed nor a game that will push the power of your Dreamcast to impressive new levels. It is, however, exactly what most puzzle fans are looking for: a fun, value-packed addictive experience that looks as good as perhaps a puzzle game can or should. If it had the four-player mode, it'd be a must-have for DC owners who like puzzle games, or more specifically, Bust-A-Move. Since that mode is missing, BAM 4 is a good game and a decent purchase, but maybe one to rent first to determine how much you'll actually get out of it.
Game Boy ColorPower Unlimited
Eerlijk gezegd vind ik dit een beetje geldklopperij worden. Er is niet genoeg veranderd om van BAM 3 over te stappen naar BAM 4. Het is welletjes geweest. Heb je nog helemaal geen BAM dan wordt het nu tijd. Heb je al een versie, vergeet nummer 4 dan.
Le seul reproche à formuler serait d'ordre technique. Lorsqu'il y a trop de boules à l'écran, la partie se met parfois à ramer légèrement. Mais bon, là, je veux absolument jouer les lourds. Pas la peine donc de vous faire un dessin pour que vous compreniez que Bust a Move 4 s'avère être, malgré ce petit détail, fort réjouissant.
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Я еще не рассказал о 16 персонажах игры, сюжетной линии, секретных уровнях и боссах, но поверьте, все это не столь важно по сравнению с самой главной чертой этой игры — примитивной гениальностью. Игра затягивает и, хотя не является чем-то сногсшибательным и революционным, однозначно порадует вас в чертовски холодные зимние вечера и доставит удовольствие вашим детям, при условии, что они у вас есть. Аркада — она и в Африке аркада, а в BAM4 геймплей отшлифован годами сиквелотворения и пальцами миллионов приставочных игроков. DIXI.
Aside from the minor gripes about the outlandish characters and the intolerable sound effects, I can assure you that Mr. Bubble himself would be tickled pink to share a bath with any of the famous or infamous bubbles from this game. Bust-A-Move 4 is a damn fine puzzle game. It's a game that, even if not a puzzle fan, you would be proud to say that you have in your collection.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Nach vielen nahezu identischen Puzzle-Bobble- und Bust-A-Move-Versionen hat Cyberfront nun erstmals eine spielerische Neuigkeit in die Tetris-Variante integriert. Es geht immer noch darum, von oben herabhängende Kugeln zu entfernen, indem man von unten gleichfarbige Kugeln nach oben schießt, auf einigen Spielkarten sind diese nun aber an Seilen aufgehängt. Durch die Gewichte an den Seilenden verändert sich ständig das Spielfeld, so dass endlich Voraussicht vonnöten ist. Ärgerlich: Während eines Einzelspielerspiels tauchen Mehrspielerkarten auf und die unglückliche Tastenbelegung lässt sich nicht verändern. An dem hohen Suchtfaktor ändert dies aber nichts.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Despite its cutesy and oft-lackluster graphics, Bust-a-Move 4 comes across as a wholly addictive and highly entertaining experience. The childlike overtones keep the mood light and lively, though they occasionally prove to be more of an impediment than an advantage. Still, puzzle offerings have always been less about graphical and audio pleasantries than they've been about engrossing gameplay, which this title provides in spades. With over 600 levels, a solid editor and a fantastic multiplayer option, Bust-a-Move 4 proves itself to be more than the sum of its parts, and is certainly a worthy addition to any puzzle-lover's collection.
Avec ses règles modifiées et confuses, le jeu n'est plus qu'une espèce de feu d'artifice où le joueur, dès qu'il détruit une grappe avec plusieurs billes de couleurs différentes, déclenche des enchaînements. Cela donne des retournements de situations impressionnants, mais finalement le joueur ne se sent plus vraiment maître de son jeu, et verra s'envoler ses illusions et ses copines parties jouer à Puyo Puyo chez le voisin.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
And despite the numerous distractions, the core gameplay is undeniably fun. BMA4's simple graphics are colorful and appealing, but the music is uneven. It seems that for each song I really liked, there was one that I absolutely hated. With Bust-A-Move 4, Acclaim was clearly just following the old video game adage, "if it ain't broke, just add more features". Personally, I'll pass on the fancy window dressing and stick to Bust-A-Move 2.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Malgré un concept qui a fait ses preuves, la version Game Boy comporte de regrettables lacunes. D’abord, si elle est techniquement sans faille, cette quatrième mouture est loin d’exploiter les capacités graphiques de la GBC. Ensuite, bien qu’officiellement compatible avec les Game Boy NB, le jeu est tout simplement injouable, les bulles étant caractérisées par de minuscules motifs. Une grande déception!
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Es ist das geeignete Spiel, um im Büro die Abwesenheit des Chefs zu überbrücken - aber leider auch nicht mehr.
WindowsPC Zone
It's a wasted opportunity because there's nothing wrong with the game itself, and the new features, including the pulley system and chain reactions, work really well. If you've got a P2 then it's worth considering otherwise you may as well forget it. It's a simple game and if the developers can't be bothered to convert it properly, we can't be bothered to recommend it to anyone.
Une vieille rengaine qui déçoit et énerve à force d'être rabâchée. Petite note pour le principe du jeu qui reste quand même un classique mais rien dans ce jeu ne vient flatter l'ego du PC et on assiste là à un très mauvais exemple de jeu vidéo.