Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move 4 Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen.

Bust-A-Move 4 Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Character selection
Playing with Bub
Bub wins.
Round 1-2
Moving to the next stage.
Playing with Marino the Merman.
Marino wins.
Marino round 1-2
Marino getting exasperated with the cluttered field.
Marino loses.
Playing with Kurol.
Kurol wins.
Kurol crying with the eminent defeat.
Kurol combo
Playing with TamTam.
TamTam loses.
TamTam round 1-2
TamTam wins.
Playing with Cleon.
Cleon loses.
Puzzle mode introduction
The puzzle stages are based on tarot cards.
Pulley level
Lots of bubbles on each side of the pulley.
Two blocks pushing bubble clusters upwards.
Vs. Mode introduction
Vs. Mode first battle
G vs. Bob
G wins, Bob loses.
G vs. Alkanet
Alkanet wins.
Puzzle editor
Game over

Bust-A-Move 4 Screenshots

Windows version

Intro with cute Japanese characters
All the different characters together
Title screen
Choose puzzle or vs. mode
You can change a lot of stuff in the options menu
Explanation of the new Chain Reaction gameplay
Example of a Chain Reaction Combo (4 times)
Explanation of the new Pulley System
Bub & Bob or was it Bob & Bub
The background story isn't exactly Pullizer Prize material
Battle other characters for their Rainbow Bubble
If you perform a Chain Reaction, new bubbles are added on your opponent's side of the screen.
You win the battle if your opponent's screen is full
Puzzle mode: select your route/stage
Level start
These rainbow bubbles can take on any color
You receive extra points when you clear a stage very fast
When you hit one of those star bubbles with a bubble of a certain color, all bubbles with that color are removed
Good shots are rewarded with animations (this almost looks like Streetfighter ;-> )
Story/Vs mode: each character has it's own world