Bust-A-Move Millennium Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Title screen (US release)
Title screen (Japanese release)
Main menu
If you use the link cable, do you want 2P or 2P endless play?
Stage clearance menu
Select your character.
Challenge mode. First level will be Clear quickly.
I need to keep clearing bubbles until the meter on the left is at the top.
I cleared out all the bubbles. More to come though.
Yep, more came.
The bubbles reached the bottom.
Stage result
Next stage, Drop A Lot.
In endless mode, play 1P endless play or vs CPU?
Bub vs. Chack'N
Hi! I'm Bub! And that computer's Chack'N!
vs CPU. I'm Bub, the computer is Monsta.
I lost, he won.
Playing as Banebou in Endless Mode.
Packy Wins! Hidegons Lost!
Develon: *points at Chack'N* This is Chack'N, and I'm Chack'N's heart disease!
Dreg: I need a Puzzler's promise. Repeat after me: Yo-ho, Yo-ho, near the bubbles I'll never go!
Dreg: Hey! Zen-Chan stole my idea!
Banebou: *Looks at the audience* Folks, I may be Monsta's opponent, but I'm also Monsta's fried mushroom!