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Neo Geo Pocket Color

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Quite fun, but doesn't live up to Bubble Bobble. Windows Tomer Gabel (4361)

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Platform Votes Score
3DO 3 4.7
Arcade 3 4.4
DOS 4 4.4
Game Gear 6 4.2
iPhone 3 4.7
J2ME 5 4.5
N-Gage 7 3.7
Neo Geo CD 6 4.5
Neo Geo Pocket Color 9 4.3
PSP 3 4.7
SNES 14 4.0
Windows 11 4.0
WonderSwan 4 4.2
Combined User Score 78 4.2

Critic Reviews

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iPhoneApp Spy
Perhaps it's unfair to compete against other puzzle arcade games with such a classic title, but Taito haven't compromised Puzzle Bobble for the iPhone and have even opted to include two control schemes unique to this game. A highly recommended addition to your classic arcade collection.
SNESJust Games Retro
In summation, then, this is a title no-one should let slip by. You need to play Bust A Move at least once in your life. And if the Western version is too tough for you, grab a hold of the Japanese version, where some of the levels have been dumbed-down and simplified. And by the way, don't let the looks fool you - the most complex-looking levels are often the easiest to beat…
WindowsPC Zone
Puzzle Bobble is one of those games that, like Tetris, is incredibly simple to play, completely fan-fecking-tastically addictive and will swallow every moment of your waking life.
Overall, Bust-A-Move is a serious release with lots of fun and replay-ability. Anyone who’s ever played the game before will really love this iPhone version of Bust-A-Move. The price is a little steep for casual fans, but if you’re into the game, buy it. You won’t be disappointed. Bust-A-Move will be one of those iPhone games that you will have a really hard time deleting.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
It'll get confusing once the background screens get more colorful and start moving around, too. But it all adds to the challenge of this game. The backgrounds grow progressively more interesting. Big bubbles that move across the screen and dark, creepy clouds. It's all quite graphically pleasing.
SNESMega Fun
Einfach sahnemäßig! Taito hat es ohne Zweifel geschafft, ein den beiden Drachenbabys würdiges Denkspiel zu schaffen. Schon der Ein-Spieler-Modus hätte Puzzle Bobble ein Gold Game beschert. Dank des unkomplizierten Spielprinzips eignet sich das Spiel vom Kleinkind bis hin zur Ur-Oma, oder einfach gesagt für die ganze Familie. Der Zwei-Spieler-Modus bildet dann das Tüpfelchen auf dem i, so daß es einige redaktionsinterne Prügeleien um die begehrten Joypads gab. Dank der zehn Computergegner, die tatsächlich unterschiedlich intelligent agieren, dem Passwortsystem und den neuen Extrablasen gefällt mir die SNES-Version letztendlich sogar einen Tick besser als die Neo Geo-Konkurrenz. Grafik und Sound reißen Denkspiel-typisch mit Sicherheit keine Bäume aus, mindern den Spielspaß aber nicht im geringsten. Für mich ist Puzzle Bobble die eindeutige Denkspiel-Referenz.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorPower Unlimited
PBM is een erg leuk spel. Een beetje van het kaliber Tetris, en dus enorm verslavend. Het verschilt weinig van de eerder genoemde varianten, maar als de Neo Geo Pocket je eerste spelcomputer is, dan mag deze game niet in je collectie ontbreken!
Neo Geo CDMega Fun
Mit Puzzle Bobble schuf Taito einen neuen Klassiker, der sicherlich einige Pendants ins Leben rufen wird. Die virtuose Kombination aus Tetris, Colums und Pong hat mich bereits nach kurzer Spielpraxis vorn Stuhl gehauen, so genial einfach - einfach genial ist das Gameplay. Durch das präzise Schießen, das in manchen Situationen regelrechte Kunstschüsse auf Billard-Niveau erfordert, bekommt dieses Denkspiel einen erfrischend neuen Beigeschmack. Es macht schlichtweg unheimlich viel Spaß, unter Zeitdruck wie ein Meisterschütze die Blasen abzuräumen und sich bei besonders guten Kombinationen hämisch darüber zu freuen, wie dem geneigten Mitspieler ein ungläubiges „Das ist ja unfair“ über die Lippen gleitet. Puzzle Boy verbindet in einmaliger Weise Geschicklichkeit mit räumlichem Denken und ist für mich das derzeit beste Denkspiel überhaupt; Spielsucht garantiert.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Programme dieses Genres strotzen für gewöhnlich nicht vor atemberaubender Grafik und megastarkem Sound. Dennoch weiß die technische Seite Puzzle Bobbles durchweg zu gefallen. Die Grafik ist detailreich und bietet lustige Animationen. Der Sound — im typischen Bubble-Bobble-Stile - paßt wunderbar zum Drumherum. Das Größte jedoch ist der Spielspaß; Egal ob allein oder mit einem Freund, Puzzle Bobble bietet nicht enden wollenden Spielspaß und ist eines der faszinierendsten Programme seiner Art. Ein Muß — nicht nur für Genre-Fans!
The game is perfect for a casual game or two while you are waiting for something more important. I would definitely recommend grabbing it. It is well put together and a ton of fun to play. Check it out and have fun playing your friends via bluetooth as well.
SNESVideo Game Den
Puzzle Bobble is (by far) my all time favorite puzzle game - in fact, it would not be an overstatement to say that it is the most addictive game ever created (Bomberman being not far behind). Although this Super Famicom port is not as complex and elaborated as some of the latest episodes of the series, it is nevertheless an excellent title with a fun and balanced gameplay, brilliant graphics and an awesome soundtrack. Definitively a must have.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorPortable Review
Then there’s replay. On the surface, this game seems to have a lot going for it: it’s a well-made port of a classic puzzle game, it has a variety of game mode – each of which offers a unique take on the engine, and it has both lasting power and casual potential. Of course, as time marches on, so does progress. Newer incarnations of BAM have been released on portables, with additional game modes – BAM Ghost on the PSP comes quickly to mind. Still, for the time, this was definitely the best handheld port Taito’s prominent puzzler ever received.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Graphiquement en tout point fidèle à la version originale en arcade (eh oui !), cette version NGPC ne souffre en fait que d’une chose : on ne distingue pas très bien certaines couleurs des autres ! Même sur les consoles noir et blanc, l’utilisation de motifs n’est pas aussi gênante que sur Game Boy, grâce à la taille relativement conséquente de l’écran. Sans oublier une maniabilité quasi parfaite grâce au minijoystick. Indéniablement, la meilleure version sur toutes consoles portatives confondues !
Game GearRetrogaming History
Un grandissimo classico ottimamente convertito. Divertentissimo, ipnotico, profondo e accessibile a tutti. Presenta purtoppo una velocità d’azione inferiore alla versione originale e per questo risulta meno istintivo e concitato di quello che dovrebbe essere. E poi, diciamoci la verità: di conversioni di Bust A Move ne trovate quante ne volete, per quale motivo dovreste acquistare proprio questa? A parer mio, se non siete amatori del Game Gear o degli appassionati innamorati di questo gioco, fareste meglio a scegliere altre versioni, anche se questa è valida e riuscitissima
Game GearVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Bust-A-Move is definitely a game that you'll want if you own this portable. As enjoyable as any other puzzle game, Bust-A-Move has the kind of replay value that made Tetris the classic that it is.
3DOGamePro (US)
The move-and-shoot controls are very responsive and the simple visuals and music are well done. This is one puzzler that isn't a bust.
WonderSwanMega Fun
Puzzle Bobble von Taito ist wohl der All-Tirme-Classic-Titel schlechthin. Auch auf dem Wonderswan wollen verschiedenartige Blasen sortiert und zum Platzen gebracht werden.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Bust-A-Moe is a thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly addictive puzzle game that relies on reflexes and timing. It takes a while to get used to the ricochet effect, but once that's down, it's solid gameplay. The Two-player Mode really shines (especially where one player can be handicapped) and the one-player game is also a challenge. This is a game that relies more on solid play than flashy graphics and effects. (The Bubble Bobble characters at the bottom are adorable).
SNESGame Players
Honestly, though, the only real challenge I found was going for the record, otherwise, the game gets old pretty fast.
iPhoneSlide To Play
Bust-A-Move is a good representation of a timeless puzzle game. It may not be packed full of new extras or innovations, but the package here will likely satisfy fans of the franchise hoping for a quality version for their iPhone.
WindowsPower Play
In einer Zeit, in der viele nur auf die Präsentation schielen, hat es Puzzle Bobble nicht gerade leicht. In der Tat ist hier auch der größte Kritikpunkt zu finden. Ein paar kosmetische Operationen hätten Bub und Bob wirklich nicht schlecht zu Gesicht gestanden, zumal „Puzzle Bobble“ bei aller Schlichtheit ungebührlich hohe Anforderungen an die Hardware stellt. Sind die ersten Spielfelder erst mal blasenfrei gemacht, stellen sich aber schnell dezente Suchterscheinungen ein. Hauptgrund dafür ist das manuelle Abschießen der Blasen, was eine zweite Komponente ins Grundkonzept mit einbringt. Letzteres ist nämlich nicht besonders originell und außerdem relativ einfach zu durchschauen. Doch die Kugeln erst einmal dahin zu bugsieren, wo man sie haben will, gerät in höheren Leveln unversehens zur enormen Herausforderung und läßt wehmütige Erinnerungen an die späten 80er Jahre, der Glanzzeit dieses Genres, aufkommen.
iPhoneIGN Canada
You have a lot of Bust-a-Move options on the iPhone now. In addition to the real deal here, Snood just came out and Gameloft's Bubble Bash is a well produced clone that's just 99 cents right now. If you have a personal history with Taito's classic puzzler, then buying the original is going to tempt even if the controls are not 100% perfect. But if brand means zero to you, you will not miss out if you try an alternative. Some of them even have more features than Bust-a-Move, too.
WindowsPC Jeux
Bien plus prenant à plusieurs, Puzzle Bobble fait partie de ces classiques immanquables enfin accessibles sur PC.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
Overall, Bust-A-Move is cute and fun and addicting, just like most puzzle games. There is a challenge, but it's the same challenge that most puzzle games offer. Bust-A-Move is definitely on the same level as games like Tetris. It was just a few years behind.
Das Spielprinzip von Puzzle Bobble ist genial einfach. Innerhalb von wenigen Minuten erlernt, fesselt es für Stunden. Im Mehrspielermodus sind ruckzuck ganze Nächte durchgezockt. Puzzle Bobble kann man immer wieder 'mal eben' für ein kurzes Spiel einlegen, um sich zu entspannen oder abzureagieren. Nur bleibt es dann meist nicht bei dem einen Spiel...Warum GT Interactive jetzt allerdings den überholten Erstling Puzzle Bobble, auf den Markt wirft, und nicht gleich den bedeutend besseren Nachfolger, Puzzle Bobble 2, ist mir unverständlich.
Neo Geo CDIMPLANTgames
Puzzle Bobble is a great game that easily accessible to anyone. It has the easy-to-learn, hard-to-master quality that makes the game very addictive. Puzzle Bobble is a bit lacking in the graphics and music department, but that isn’t that uncommon in the puzzle genre. The game is easily obtainable for a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Gamers who miss the '90s will be glad to pocket these puzzles, but we had to ding Bust-a-Move for its long load times and semifrequent crashes at the menu screen.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK
A slightly tarnished first attempt for Taito's match-three king, Bust-a-Move remains playable without quite coming with the class fans have come to expect.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Na gut, den Oskar für innovative und abwechslungsreiche Grafik oder tollen Sound kann Puzzle Bobble nicht für sich beanspruchen. Am Spielprinzip gibt jedoch nichts zu mäkeln: einfach, aber durchaus mit einigen Zutaten in Richtung Suchtspiel.
SNESGamePro (US)
If you're really into puzzlers, you might want to give Bust-A-Move a rental test drive. Better yet, dust off your NES and take Bubby and Bobby through some Bubble Bobble, a game with the durability that this one's missing.
Game GearDefunct Games
Overall, Bust-A-Move suits well on the Game Gear. The graphics are crisp and clear, the sound is decent and the control is good. Even the tiny dinosaurs of everyone's favorite Bubble Bobble adventure are in it. Unfortunately the gameplay doesn't live up to the excellent presentation, which makes this one of those bubbling games that doesn't last for very long.
WindowsPC Joker
Mit seiner VGA-Optik und dem ewig gleichen Hintergrundsound wirkt das Programm zwar schon etwas vorsintflutlich, spielt sich aber vor allem im Zweier-Modus recht launig.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorRandom Access
The bottom line is that if you like Bust-A-Move (and you actually own a Neo-Geo Pocket Color), it's a decent investment, provided you don't mind the obvious downgrade in visuals, audio, and to an extent, gameplay, given the smaller screen. It's not terribly inaccurate, however; I found that it played true to its more grandiose big-screen counterparts, so it's at least faithful. There are indeed more attractive portable Bust-A-Move options at your fingertips, but if the Neo-Geo Pocket Color is your only option, then go ahead and bust that move.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Leider sind alle Levels sehr ähnlich aufgebaut, so daß das Spiel nur wenige Stunden lang faszinieren kann. Selbst der Multiplayermodus kann nur für wenige Minuten fesseln. Da lediglich haltlos gewordene Kugeln auf das Gegnerbrett geschafft werden, hält sich der Zugewinn in Grenzen.
3DOGame Zero
This game is a lot of fun in two-player mode, be it against the computer or against a friend. But, one-player mode really sucks. Unfortunately I've never played the arcade version of this game, so I can't really make a comparison on that item. As far as graphics go, this game seems to run in a very high interlaced resolution, giving you super fine graphics, but causing the screen to vibrate slightly (personally this doesn't bother me, but some people I know can't tolerate the vibrating). As for sound... gameplay sound is fine, but the soundtrack bites it big. The music is cute for about the first bazillion rounds and then you want to just yell for it to stop (so play with other music on your stereo is possible). If you're really into puzzle games, this title offers a bit of variety for you, otherwise I can't see this game as a real hot seller.
Zut alors, Puzzle Bobble VS avait tout pour plaire (un design mignon comme tout et un principe qui a fait ses preuves) mais la durée de vie du soft de Taito étant bien trop faible, la partie technique en deçà de ce qu'on pouvait attendre et le mode multijoueur n'emballant guère, vous pousserez un gros bâillement en passant devant le rayon de votre revendeur préféré où le titre trônera magistralement.
Es mag kein rechtes Puzzle-Fieber aufkommen, da ihr einfach nicht besonders schnell sein müsst. Zu allem Überfluß sind einige der Kugeln so gut wie nicht zu unterscheiden, so dass ihr schon sehr genau hinschauen müsst, um richtig zu treffen. Auf Dauer tut das natürlich auch den Augen nicht gut. Zusammenfassend müssen wir euch von einem Kauf abraten und vor allem alte Fans der Serie könnten ziemlich herbe enttäuscht werden.
Gamers can argue about the titles that critics and their friends say they should buy, but is there ever an argument when it comes to the titles that you should stay away from? Advice like this is given for a reason, and it's something I have not had to say about any other N-Gage title. Puzzle Bobble VS is not super-fun, it's super-boring. Soporific, if you will. It's not even a little fun in the beginning. And if you stick it out, guess what? It doesn't get any better.
It's a shame that Puzzle Bobble VS turned out the way it did, because it would have been a great addition to the N-Gage library if it had resembled the popular arcade version. In the end, we can't bring ourselves to even recommend it as a rental; it's much too frustrating (and eye-straining) to subject others to its blur of near identical bubbles, and snore-inducing pace. Stay away, for your optometrist's sake.
The N-Gage needs Puzzle Bobble VS as a launch title about as much as anyone needs to play it. The game itself has little that gamers can't find elsewhere, with far less trouble per bubble. Even if it does offer decent multiplayer, that would require gamers to find three friends who all have 20/20 vision and unlimited patience. Much luck with that.
N-GageGaming Age
Unfortunately the gameplay is Puzzle Bobble has slowed to a crawl. The arrow that shoots out the balls and the speed of the balls reaching the top of the screen is painfully slow. At times it can take up to three seconds for a ball to reach the top of the screen. This is a stark contrast to the almost instantaneous shooting seen in most versions of the game. The music doesn't help the game either. Each mode offers the same classic Puzzle Bubble song - but with the first 10 seconds of it looped. After hearing whole soundtracks in Tony Hawk on N-Gage there's absolutely no reason for this title not to include various, whole tunes. Puzzle Bobble Vs. may be the weakest version yet. It does offer the same action - just slowed down in half and matched with looped music.
There really isn't much to say about Puzzle Bobble VS other than that it is a complete and utter mess. Puzzle Bobble seems to be one of those games that would be incredibly difficult to mess up, but the N-Gage version of the game proves that even the simplest and most street-tested gameplay concept can be ruined by a few key oversights. These oversights make Puzzle Bobble VS an awful product that isn't worth your time or money.