Bust-A-Move Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Japanese title screen (Taito B System version)
US title screen (Neo Geo version)
Round 1
Select mode
Round Clear!
More complicated structure
Game lost
Near end
Almost lost...
Round 7
Another lost game
Second player joins
Multiplayer game
Multiplayer - other level
Play instructions (Neo Geo version)
Attract mode in the US Neo Geo version
Top 5 scores (Taito B System version)
Round 13 (Taito B System version)

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Round 1 begins!
Aiming up a shot.
Burst free some critters.
A segment collapses down.
Round clear! That was pretty easy.
Two player head to head game. This can be played against another player on the keyboard or against the PC.
Playing the challenge mode.
Messed up the bubbles.
Selecting the handicap level.
Top scorers
Game over!

Game Gear version

Taito logo
Bub's brother Bob
Title screen
Setup screen
Password screen
Round 1
Round 1 clear
Round 2
Round 4
Round 6
Round 7
Suddenly, a waterfall
Hitting a sensitive spot causes a lot of bubbles to fall
Round 10 clear
Round 12
Round 14, and you must hurry up and shoot!
Oh no!
Oh no!
The results scroll by
Setting up a VS game
Bub vs. Bubble Buster
VS game in progress
Let's challenge a record instead
Challenge game in progress
Options screen

N-Gage version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Terrible 3D Animations
Battle in the sky
Desert fight

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen
Main menu
Options screen
Choosing the initial round (Puzzle Mode).
Shooting a yellow bubble needed to clear a group of the same color.
Aiming in a blue flashing ball.

SNES version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Clear all the bubbles to pass the level.
One of the power-ups not found in the arcade game.
The lightning bolt will clear everything in its path.
Clear the stage quickly for a huge bonus.
The fire power-up is quite handy.
Vs. Mode
Split screen action against the computer or a friend.
Challenge Record Mode.
Game Over!
Title screen (European version).
Title screen (Japanese version).
Before demonstration mode, you'll receive some basic instructions about how to play.
Starting the first round.
Round 7
Balls can fly?
First level in forest begins!

Windows version

Let the game begin!..
Counting time
Now it's harder...

WonderSwan version

Wow, nice shot!
Main menu
Get ready!