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Back Cover:
    Join us on a fascinating trip through the wonderful world of the legendary Commodore 64. Relive many of the great games from days long gone by. C64 ClassiX takes you back there and contains more than 500 games from those days, when 64kb RAM was all you needed to spend endless hours of fun.

    Eine faszinierende Reise durch die bunte Spielewelt des legendären Commodore C64 erleben Sie mit dieser Spielesammlung. C64 ClassiX enthält mehr als 500 uneingeschränkt spielbare Vollversionen beliebter Klassiker. Spielen Sie einige der besten Spiele aus dem Zeitraum von 1982 bis heute.

    Some of the games on this CD: Turrican 1+2, Paperboy, Katakis, Bomb Jack, Buggy Boy, Ghosts'n'Goblins, Super Hang-On, Battlefield, Gridrunner, Metal Gear, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Space Harrier, Rubicon, Sentinel, Crime Time, Der kleine Hobbit, Lords of Doom, Mission Impossible, Schwert und Magie 1-4, Chuckie Egg, Frogger, Hover Bovver, Marble Mania, World Championship Soccer, Crazy News, Yuppies Revenge, Air Ball, Super Space Invaders and many more.


    - More than 500 full C64-Games
    - Runs under Windows and MacOS X
    - Easy to use interface (Windows only)
    - Information and technical data on the legendary home computer
    - Gameplay videos for some C64 games
    - Instructions and solutions to some of the games
    - Background information on programmer teams

    Contributed by Genki (1904) on Jun 05, 2005.