6*Pak Vol. 3 Ad Blurbs (Commodore 64)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Commodore 64 (United Kingdom):
    Is the authentic home computer version of the classic coin-operated arcade game from Capcom.
    Ghosts 'n' Goblins is the classic fighting fantasy story, heroic knights to rescue beautiful maiden from clutches of demonic Overlord. Featuring some stunning effects and graphics, this technically excellent game is clearly a winner.

    Just a short time ago Dirk the Daring our hero rescued the beautiful Princess Daphne and returned her to King Aethelred her father. . . Dirk being made of the sterner stuff decides to return to the Dragon's Lair to seek his fortune from the Lizard King's domain which lies deep within the castle's depth. It is rumoured that a pot of gold coins is there for the taking that will give wealth beyond dreams. However, there are drawbacks - the Lizard King does not take too kindly to visitors entering his domain and has enchanted the pot of gold with a magic spell. If Dirk does manage to collect the gold, he will then have to face many perils before encountering the mud monsters. Defeat them and then freedom and the hand of the fair Daphne will be his.

    Pick up your old Push Bike, put on your peaked cap and imagine yourself braving the streets of an American suburb. Only superb riding skills and a steady throwing arm can get you through your seven day week of hilarious action. Avoid cars, workmen, drunkards and lawnmowers all out to obstruct you in your pursuit of excellence. Score points by delivering to all your usual customers, but you can get sneaky bonuses by breaking the windows of non-subscribers. It's a difficult task but your employer believes that practice makes perfect and generously provides a practice track where you can score valuable extra points. Get ready for the ride of your life.

    You have all the ingredients for a super spy story and a great gripping game! This game is closely based on the all-action film and coin-op Arcade game from Arcadia, but puts you into the action as you control James Bond through eight fast and furious levels. Moving from Gibraltar to Afghanistan, you encounter the SAS (friendly), the KGB (not so friendly), enemy helicopters (very unfriendly) and even a milkman with exploding bottles!
    Now go ahead and join James Bond - living on the edge!

    Based upon the popular arcade coin op, ENDURO-RACER has been described as “THE MOST FAITHFUL AND COMPELLING COIN OP CONVERSION SEEN” (Sinclair User) and “THE BEST COIN OP CONVERSION AVAILABLE” (Popular Computing Weekly).
    From the tarmac tracks to desert trails ENDURO-RACER is a stunning motorbike race pitting you against time as you compete with deadly opponents and the cruel and challenging terrain...

    Long ago, in a magical time, a good King named Aethelred ruled a peaceful kingdom. Now his kingdom had many treasures, but its greatest prize was Princess Daphne, the King's only child. Then one dark day, Singe an evil dragon who ruled over a shadowed land, appeared in Aethelred's kingdom and demanded that the King delivery up his kingdom and people to him. When Aethelred refused Singe's vile demand, the monster kidnapped the beautiful Daphne and imprisoned her. Singe then sent Aethelred this message: Relinquish your kingdom before the setting sun or your beloved daughter will perish. Aethelred and all the people of the kingdom were plunged into despair. All except for Dirk who vowed to go and free the Princess . . . if he could survive the dungeon's many perils . . . if he could reach the Dragon's Lair . . .

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198911) on Feb 19, 2010.