The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight Credits


Game Concept, Design, and Program DesignMichael Cranford
Scenario DesignMichael Cranford, Brian Fargo
GraphicsTodd J. Camasta
MusicDavid Warhol
ProducerJoe Ybarra
Technical SupportDavid S. Maynard
Assistant ProducerChris Wilson
Product ManagerChris Garske
Art DirectorNancy L. Fong
Package DesignMichael LaBash
EuroPackage DesignGrapplegroup Ltd.
Cover PaintingJonny C. Kwan
Manual byDavid K. Simerly
Map ArtDon Carson
PlaytestersPhilip Ybarra, Caren Edelstein, Tom Norwood
Lagoth Zanta's Name byScott Smith
Package Design ©1986Electronic Arts
Software ©1986Interplay Productions

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (42394)