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Zzap! (Feb, 1986)
The platform game is dead, I long live the platform game! Confused? You will be, since Gremlin Graphics' latest is a platform game but in the traditional sense of word. Gremlin have taken the conventional 'side on' view turned it through ninety degrees and come up with a platform derivative that can only described as WEIRD! Enter the surreal world of Bounder, a world where tennis balls bounce high -- higher than you would expect. And this is where the platforms come in. It's hard see that platforms have any thing to do with this game, as they are seen from above -- but they are there, and if you fail to recognise this, then the game is lost from the start.
Insgesamt gibt es 174 Levels. Ich habe gerade mit Müh und Not das zweite geschafft (...). Die Grafik der einzelnen Levels ist sehr gut gemacht, ein sauberes Scrolling (auch beim Spectrum) rundet die Sache ab. Die Animation des Balls ist besonders gut gelungen: Man hat den Eindruck, der Ball springt wirklich auf und ab. Alles in allem ist Bounder von der Spielidee mal was Neues und weist, durch den hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad, eine gute Spielmotivation auf.
64'er (Apr, 1986)
Bounder wurde mit viel Liebe zum Detail programmiert, man entdeckt immer wieder einige neue Feinheiten im Spiel. Zusammen mit dem hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad ergibt sich so eine hohe, langanhaltende Spielmotivation.
The sound effects are quite amusing but the music, initially quite impressive, begins to grate after a time. All in all, Bounder is a different and difficult game. Good fun, fairly addictive but it lacks something which would make it a great game. A bonus for those who buy Bounder is the inclusion of the Commodore version of Metabolis.
Dank der verrückten Spielidee und der 2D-Perspektive - man sieht alles von oben - verfängt man sich in einem ganz neuen, prickelnden Spielgefühl, das sich wohltuend von dem der üblichen Plattformspiele abhebt. Die Titelmusik ist spritzig und ein garantierter Ohrwurm. Aber warum um alles in der Welt ruft das nette Spiel dann nicht mehr Begeisterung bei mir hervor? Nun, (Räusper!), etwa nach dem ersten Viertel des dritten Levels wird das Spiel schwer. Sehr schwer. Ausgesprochen schwer. Meiner Meinung nach sogar fast unspielbar. Für Normalsterbliche wird das Programm dann etwas frustrierend, denn man hat kaum die Chance, alle zehn Strecken zu sehen.
60 (UK) (Oct 26, 2007)
But forget how it looks, and enjoy yet another one-of-a-kind game that defies categorisation - and don't forget its souped-up 1987 sequel, Re-Bounder, which rotated the action 90 degrees, added the ability to fire (shock), and threw in some characteristically chirpy tune over the top of it...
Retro Spirit Games (Aug 16, 2013)
While simple in premise, Bounder is extremely challenging. The number of tiles you can bounce on become less and less as you progress, with larger gaps between them. The number of projectiles and stationary obstacles increases too, meaning you not only have to have sharp reflexes, but also a knack for planning ahead. With the screen constantly scrolling ever upwards, it is all too easy to end up with nowhere to go if you hang back too much. Bounder is pretty fun to play, but becomes quite repetitive rather quickly. It is also too difficult and you will struggle to get past the first couple of stages. While still worth a quick play, Bounder is a game that fails to live up to the memories I had of it.
Your Commodore (Feb, 1986)
Bounder is an addictive game with excellent music and graphics. It is definitely one of those 'Just another Go' type of games and a must for any serious Commodore 64 collection.