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magazine advertisement (US):
    Inter-Galactic Battles

    Blast into the future
    for hours of adventure.

    Join Buck Rogers and the New Earth Organization in the exciting 25th Century, and play the BUCK ROGERS XXVc(tm) Role-Playing Game and Countdown To Doomsday, the new computer role-playing game.

    The XXVc role-playing game is packed with adventure, fantastic civilizations, genetically-engineered races, and future-science technology. This game contains action-packed adventures sure to thrill science-fiction fans and game players alike.

    The computer game thrusts you into a race to save humanity from the enemies of the inner planets. Players must follow clues across the solar system, through the space ways, and to the surfaces of Mars, Venus and the orbiting satellites of Mercury to discover the awesome DOOMSDAY Device.

    Earth's future is in your hands! Look for these games at book, computer, hobby and comic stores everywhere.

    (Source: between pages 4 and 5 of "Superman", Issue 53, March 1991)

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59729) on Mar 03, 2008.

Back of Box:
    Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday box back, 1990.

    Welcome to the 25th Century
    It is the year 2456.

    Humanity has spread across the terraformed planets and satellites of the solar system. Colonies drift though the upper regions of the Jupiter gas clouds and cities have been carved out of asteroids. Mars, the seat of power among the inner worlds, is home to a powerful, despotic Russo-American Mercantile (RAM). Its goal: The enslavement of the solar system.

    But what of Earth?

    The ancestral home of mankind now struggles to overcome the devastation of war and pollution. All hope for a return to its former glory lies in a daring band of rebels, the New Earth Organization (NEO) led by Buck Rogers.

    Now you and the members of your team can join Buck and his allies to rid the solar system of RAM tyranny!

    Countdown to Doomsday is a detailed computer role-playing game based on TSR's new BUCK ROGERS XXVc role-playing system, and uses a special enhanced version of SSI's award winning AD&D computer fantasy role-playing system.

    Assemble a team of Rocketjocks, Warriors, Engineers, Rogues and Medics, recruited from Terrans, Martians, Venusians, Mecurians or genetically engineered Desert Runners and Tinkers.

    As your team explores the solar system, characters gain valuable skills such as piloting, zero-g maneuvering or demolition. These skills can prove more valuable then a good laser pistol in the toxic atmosphere of Venus or the sun-blasted surface of Mercury.

    But hang on to that laser pistol! The 25th century is a dangerous place - especially for those who join Buck Rogers and NEO in the heroic fight for interplanetary justice and freedom!

    Contributed by Tony Van (2855) on Nov 28, 1999.