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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - Happy Computer Spielesonderheft 4:
    Es riecht förmlich nach Surfen, die Sonne scheint auf Deinen Rücken und Sand ist zwischen Deinen Zehen...
    Das sind keine Träume von Californien — das ist Realität. jetzt und hier! Sechs der besten Sport-Hits der Westküste von Californien werden Euern Puls auf Hochtouren bringen!
    Verblüfft Euere Freunde mit Eueren unglaublichen Skateboard-Künsten. oder zeigt, wie lange Ihr den Ball kickt, ohne daß er den Boden berührt. Skatet über den Bürgersteig. werft mit der Frisbee-Scheibe und zeigt Euer Können auf dem BMX-Rad.
    Und dann kommt das Allerschwierigste — die „Königsdisziplin“ unter den califomischen Sportarten—, schießt über und durch die gigantischen Riesenwellen der Westküste und beweist, welcher Surfer wirklich die Wellen regiert!
    California Garnes bringt Euch die Atmosphäre der californischen Westküste auf Euern Computer! Bis zu acht Spieler können sich hier — in fantastischer Graphik — heiße Sport-Wettkämpfe liefern. Und das alles natürlich in der außergewöhnlich guten EPYX-Qualität, wenn nicht sogar noch besser.
    Wir könnten Euch jetzt noch mehr erzählen, aber lest doch statt dessen einmal, was ZZAP 64 — die große englische Computer-Spiele-Zeitschrift — dazu sagt:
    „California Games ist ganz einfach der Höhepunkt unter den Computer- Sport-Spielen.“
    .“Irgendwie hat es EPYX geschafft, den eigenen hohen technischen Standard noch zu übertreffen — Bild und Ton dieses Programms vermitteln einen glaubhaften Eindruck der Atmosphäre.“
    „Sammelt man alle Highlights bisheriger EPYX-Programme und addiert sie zusammen, ist man immer noch erst auf dem halben Weg, California Garnes zu beschreiben.“
    Also, müssen wir noch mehr sagen?

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (160688) on Aug 03, 2011.

www.commodoregaming.com – Wii (UK):
    Welcome to California. Home of the most radical sports in the world. Rad, bad and aggro. You're about to hit the beaches, parks and streets of the Golden State to go for trophies in everything from surfing to bike racing. CALIFORNIA GAMES gives you the hottest sports. And the most aggro competition. You even have to pick your own sponsor.

    So pull on those knee pads. You're about to get into the most fun you've ever had since Mom hid your skateboard. CALIFORNIA GAMES is going to take you from surf to the turf. From the pipe to the parks. Are you gonna love it, or what?

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5060) on Aug 21, 2008.

Back Cover - Sega Master System (NTSC):
    Hey Dude, get ready for the ultimate in rad video! Sega's California Games takes you to the sunny beaches and deserts of the California coast for some gnarly sports competition.
    Kick it down on a skateboard. Ride the waves to surfing heaven. Cruise the concrete on skates or the rough track on a BMX. Test your toes with a footbag or your long concentration with a flying disk. In a word: awesome.
    But there's more. You can play with up to 8 of your friends. Practice events. Compete in once, some or all to become the total California Champion! And you can play for some of the hottest teams around representing the heaviest names on the circuit.
    So what are you waiting for? Grab your board and get ready to achieve a new state of Sega cool.

    Contributed by Xoleras (65916) on Mar 25, 2004.

Back Cover - NES (NTSC):

    The most radical fun under the sun!

    Get ready for the gnarliest, most radically awesome sports events under the sun! They're six of California's hottest games. Geared for daredevils - and guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!
    First, pick your sponsor. Then tackle the heavy competition in surfing, rollerskating, BMX bike racing and more. Take risks to score high, 'cause wimps wipe out! Trophies are awarded for single events and overall competition!
    So grab your gear and go for it! You'll be up to your jams in awesome action. And you just might walk away with first prize!

    6 Awesome Events:

  • BMX Bike Racing
  • Surfing
  • Rollerskating
  • Flying Disk
  • Foot Bag
  • Half Pipe Skateboarding

    1 to 8 Players

  • Surfing: Shred the face off a totally tubular wave!

  • BMX Bike Racing: Spray up some dirt with wheelies and 360's!

  • Half Pipe Skateboarding: Leap off the lip for a daring aerial turn!

    Contributed by Xoleras (65916) on Mar 25, 2004.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, October 1987:


    It ain't beach blanket bingo.

    These are radical games. Games that take the honorable tradition of Summer Games I and II, Winter Games, and World Games, wax it down and load it on the roof.

    Try shredding the face of a totally tubular wave. Join the airforce in a BMX bike race. Screech around on skates and then rocket off the skateboard ramp.

    You'll be playing for sponsors like Ocean Pacific, NHS Santa Cruz, CASIO, Costa Del Mar, Kawasaki, and Spinjammer. For trophies and an overall championship.

    So get air. Go crazy. Welcome to the state of California.

    Contributed by Belboz (6484) on Oct 14, 2001.

From the back cover:
    Introducing the gnarliest bunch of games under the sun. Games invented on the beaches by sun-baked beach bums with a fondness for ripping, grinding, and shredding. With six radically thrilling events intended to bring you to the edge and blow your mind. And make adrenalin California's most plentiful natural resource.

    Wish they all could be California Games.
    Get ready to shred the face off an awesomely tubular wave. Turn a "berm" on a BMX bike and spray up a wall of dirt. Launch a few feet off-the-lip with your skateboard tucked high. And while you're up there, dance on the crowd. Or if you're feeling like kicking back a bit, float a flying disk, juggle a foot bag with your heels, or just slalom the boardwalk on skates.

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
    But this ain't beach blanket bingo. In fact, before you even set foot on California turf, you'll choose an on-screen sponsor from among the heaviest names on the circuit. Then, hit the competition route. Prizes include trophies for a single event and a top prize in overall competition.

    So get air. Go crazy. Welcome to a new state of intensity.

    • Get "amped" to surf, skateboard on the half pipe, bike BMX-style, kick-back with a foot bag, rollerskate and fling the flying disc.

    • Compete on California's beaches, parks, and its rough and tumbly desert turf.

    • Win enough trophies to become a California Champion.

    • One to eight players.

    Contributed by Belboz (6484) on Sep 15, 2001.