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Defender of the Crown (Commodore 64)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Advertising Blurbs

Comic book ad (NES version):
    [S]lash past black hearted knights and rescue beautiful maidens in "Defender of the Crown," an unbelievable movie-like adventure with tons of strategy, swordfights and nearly 30 animated screens (coming in November).

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (43888) on Feb 15, 2013. (Publisher's website):

    Defender of the Crown - локализованная фирмой "1С" версия знаменитой стратегической игры.

    Defender of the Crown от компаний Blackstar и Cinemaware - римейк культовой Defender of the Crown, игры, которая впервые появилась в 1986 году на Amiga и по праву может называться одним из родоначальников жанра стратегий. Defender of the Crown была выпущена на различных платформах и разошлась по всему миру тиражом более миллиона экземпляров. Этот хит по праву вошел в "зал славы" компьютерных игр на ряду с "Тетрисом" и Packman и теперь обрел второе рождение в новом, современном облике.

    Defender of the Crown перенесет вас в эпоху благородных рыцарей и прекрасных леди. Законный король убит, в Англии начинается гражданская война. Отважные саксы выбирают вас своим предводителем. Вам предстоит участвовать в рыцарских турнирах, осаждать замки и совершать набеги на вражеские поселения, чтобы мир и спокойствие вновь воцарились в истощенной войной Англии. Все ваши навыки и умения подвергнутся тщательной проверке, но наградой за суровые испытания может стать королевский престол и любовь самой красивой англичанки!

    На диске с игрой помимо современной версии также будет находиться оригинальная версия образца 1986-88 годов для Amiga, Amstrad, Commodore 64, IIGS и PC.

    Contributed by Klaster_1 (58032) on Feb 06, 2011. - Game Boy Advance:
    The Dark Ages marked the beginning of the struggle for dominion of England. Metro 3D gives you the chance to take the throne in Cinemaware's classic strategy game Defender of the Crown.

    Long Live the King

    The king has passed away without an heir and a new ruler must be chosen to lead England out of a state of turmoil. Players must assume the role as leader of one of five different legions in a bid to rule the kingdom. To prove your worth, you must conquer all of England, one territory at a time.

    Micro Medieval Management

    Featuring turn-based strategic combat (think Risk), Defender of the Crown allows you to manage nearly every facet of your troops and supplies. Money is allotted based on the number of territories held at the end of each turn. Your funds must be spent wisely on soldiers, weaponry and large-scale assaults.

    Be warned, though. The four computer-controlled factions will do anything in their power to assure that you never see the throne.

    Jousting, Raiding & Rescuing...Oh, My!

    Between turns, armies can engage in jousting tournaments for political and monetary gain. The actual jousting takes place from a first-person perspective with your character at the pommel of a mighty steed. Careful timing and aiming of your jousting lance will mean the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat. Even if you fall from your mount, you can still fight in hand-to-hand combat until a winner is decided.

    If tournaments aren't for you, try your gauntleted hand at other fun tasks between turns. Nothing passes the time quite like laying siege to a castle or rescuing a fair damsel in distress. Keep in mind that any secondary quests you undertake ultimately affect your leadership abilities and funding.

    The Perfect Mix of Brains & Brawn

    Defender of the Crown plays like a veritable cornucopia of action sequences and strategic posturing. Both skills are required to prove your worth as ruler of all England. Are you up to the task?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66271) on Dec 26, 2004.

Back of Box - GBA (US):
    The Timeless Classic Returns!

    It is a time of lusty wenches and black-hearted villains. King Richard has been slain and all of England is thrown into civil war. Only one person can lead the country to peace. Lay siege to castles and raid enemy strongholds to recover the lost crown. Enlist the aid of Robin Hood and outwit the vile Normans to restore order to the war-torn land. Face your foes on the battlefield or in grand tournaments of chivalry.

  • The award-winning classic enhanced for Game Boy Advance.
  • A heart-pounding combination of action and strategy.
  • Build your armies and reputation through a stunning variety of arcade sequences.
  • Manage territories solidified in battle and protect them from invasion.
  • Joust for fame, fortune and land.

    Lay siege to enemy castles
    Rescue beautiful damsels!
    Outwit and outfight villains

    Contributed by MAT (66268) on May 28, 2004.

From the back cover:
    CINEMAWARE is ADULT entertainment, a revolutionary new genre that pulls you emotionally into the story and characters. It's more like being in a movie than playing a computer game. Popcorn not included.

    The Age of Chivalry! A time of lusty wenches and black hearted villains. King Richard has been murdered and England thrown into civil war! Amidst the ringing clash of steel and the thunder of charging steeds the bold Saxon knights have chosen you to lead them into battle against the hated Normans. Victory will not come easy. To save England your skills as swordsman and military leader will be severely tested. But should you succeed you'll win the Crown of England and the love of many a beautiful damsel!

    • Heart pounding action as you rescue your lady from a foul Norman prison.
    • Majestic tournaments where you joust for fame, fortune and land.
    • Heroic battles featuring castle shattering giant catapults!
    • A unique blend of role playing and strategy combined with dazzling arcade-style sequences.
    • Easy-to-use mouse and joystick controls. No typing required!

    Contributed by Belboz (6579) on Sep 09, 2001.