Defender of the Crown Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

The title screen
The cast of evil Normans
The cast of good guys
Picking a character.
Hey, Robin! You gotta help me out man!
The game's credits.
Let's get 'em men!!
A Norman castle
All right... Who forgot to bring the other rocks for this thing?
The first Rock and Roll.
The main map.
You, your stats and your girl.
You'll need some fancy sword work here.
Man, where's Errol Flynn when you need him?
Time for a good knight's sleep.
The End!
Making music medieval style.
A jousting we will go! A jousting we will go!
The jousting field.
Who will be knocked off their horse?
Champion of the tournament!
A Saxon castle.
Attacking a Saxon castle.
A Saxon maiden has been kidnapped!
The maiden has been rescued!
The Saxon lady Anne.
The Saxon lady Katherine.
The Saxon lady Rosalind.
Robin Hood tells you of the struggle in England.
Roger Falconbridge, a Norman Lord.
The view of Anne from her back during the love scene.
Our two lovers kiss in the love scene.
After falling in love with the Saxon lady, you return to battle with new determination.
Another battle.
Enemies turn
Background story
Meet Robin
Turn info
Buying army
Read map
Transfer forces
Siege ammunition loading
Alliance support