Demon Stalkers Credits (Commodore 64)

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Demon Stalkers Credits

Micro Forté

Game DesignStephen Wang, John Reidy, John De Margheriti, Stephen Lewis
ProgrammingStephen Wang, John Reidy, John De Margheriti, Stephen Lewis

Electronic Arts

ProducerDavid Grady
Associate ProducerJeff Johannigman
Assistant ProducerMike Kawahara
Test ManagerMichael Isgur
Product ManagementKelly Flock
Art DirectorNancy L. Fong
Package DesignWilliam James Gin
Package IllustrationsMitchell Heinze
Screen shotsJeff Reinking
Artist photoRobin Ford
"Doomfane" byMircro Forté, Sara Reeder

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