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Lemon64 (Mar 26, 2002)
It would be hard to find a better detective game for the Commodore 64. There could be improvements to the graphics and sound, but you won't even notice once you get sucked into the world. No other game has made me want to explore a seedy neighbourhood more just to find out who you really are. Once you do find out, the game has a nice twist in which you have to set things right to win the game. This is easily one of the best adventure games ever for the Commodore 64.
Mouse control isn't quite as stunning as it is on the Mac because, of course, you're using a joystick instead. Furthermore the manipulation of objects is not so graphically impressive because of the lower resolution and some smaller objects are barely recognisable until they have been double-clicked.
Déjà Vu includes a few oddities (such as having to open a corpse to find out what it is carrying!) and can be a mite slow where movement from one location to another is concerned, but overall it is a well-implemented, polished, graphical adventure. It succeeds in involving the player from the start and slowly dragging him deeper into the world of ... er ... oh, what is that word used to describe loss of memory ...?
Overall, this makes a quite novel adventure, although personally I would have felt happier typing in real text commands, and it would have been faster.