The Fellowship of the Ring Credits

Beam Software

Group Leader and Chief ProgrammerPhilip Mitchell
Story Line DevelopmentMichael O'Rourke, Paul Kidd, LynC
ProgrammingDanny Davis, LynC , Stephen Taylor, Doug Palmer, Louis Madon
GraphicsGreg Holland, Russel Comte
Script DevelopmentGeoff Halprin, Danny Davis, Paul Kidd, Richard Woolcock, Graham Stetton, Paul Mitchell

For Addison-Wesley

Novel byJ. R. R. Tolkien
Package designCopenhaver Cumpston
Documentation designDouglass Scott
Reference card illustrationRuth Linstromberg
Cover illustrationDouglas Beekman
Calligraphy byWalter Matherly
Paintings byJ. R. R. Tolkien

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Credits for this game were contributed by S Olafsson (31660)