Footballer of the Year 2 Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Enter your name.
Which level do you want to play on? Think I'll start on level 1.
Select your team. What, no FC Halifax town?
Select your country. No Albania either.
The main menu.
Have a look how your careers going.
Do you want to but extra goal cards?
Fancy a gamble?
Think I'll bet £10.
Got the question correct.
Collect or gamble?
How you and your team are doing.
The league table.
Your first fixture.
How many goal cards are you gonna use? Think I'll use 3.
Dundee Utd, should be a good game.
Select which cards you wanna use.
You need to memorise these tactics.
And this one.
And these tactics last of all.
Can you score?
Give it to me!
Didn't score but still had a 2-2 draw. Bring on the next game.