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Game Over II (Commodore 64)

Game Over II Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

The title screen
Absence of the giant HUD makes this stage a lot more playable
This is a very difficult stage
Unlike other versions of this game this underground zone is very short
The kangaroo-in-a-swamp stage. Please note that controls are especially poor in this area.
I am followed by my very own smiley ball of death.
This is, perhaps the best-looking version of the game.
I got myself a blaster! Woohoo!
An alien underground mall parking lot.
I am still not sure what this barrel of lightnings do.
Hmm, this looks significantly less like an F than other ports.
The snake tunnel looks nice
Nice looking shrubs.
Open this gate with an item located nearby.
More alien coolness.
A rather large tree/flower
All this helicopter does is carry you across one screen.
Prepare for some super-tricky platform-jumping.
You are attacked by demons.
Who's that guy?
Loading screen (as Phantis)