Gamma Force in Pit of a Thousand Screams Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

A unique ship prepares to voyage to the unknown reaches of space
The crew consists of three extraordinary beings
Title screen part 1
Title screen part 2
Elena was shocked to see the Mast's evil transformation
The End
Ratchet, the pilot.
Elena, the leader of the Gamma Force.
There's built-in instructions that let you know hot to run an Infocomic.
Pressing the R key on the keyboard will restart the story.
Elena's childhood.
Elena comes of age.
The Nast confronts Sabrina.
Banged up.
The Nast's ship.
The palace.
The Planet Zuron.
The Nast has purple skin, green eyes and a nasty attitude.
The story will branch if you press enter.
The Pit of a Thousand Screams - it's a scream!
Sabrina is not too fond of the idea of marrying the Nast.
Running away crying.
The Nast is up to no good.
The King is held captive by the Nast.
The Nurse tells Sabrina a story.
Never give up. Never surrender.
Wow! An I-Pad!
Big bad guns have a way of talking.
It's the Gamma Force!
Do you have a jet pack in your back pocket in order to arrange that?
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Man! No, it's Ratchet!
The Nast is such a kind hearted gentle guy - NOT!!
The Nast is now a giant scorpion! AHHHH!!
The Nast and his Sweeper Ship.