Gyropod Screenshots (Commodore 64)

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

This is the title screen
The main game screen explaining the four status bars. After a while the game displays the full Hi-Score table and the Title screen
The game options menu
The start of a single player game. The double yellow shots come from the rim mounted turret and the single white shots are incoming fire from the aliens.
Here the alien ship has hit the turret which in this one-life single player game means game over. The alien has been hit and a bonus has been scored. the rim has also been damaged
The gun can be swung right round to the far side of the ship as in this shot
Landing on the planet surface because ammunition is running low
A bad landing looks like this
Heading back to the ship with fresh supplies. I'm about to be ambushed by an alien. There have been up to three of them on some landings
Two player mode is managed as a hot-seat game. As with the single game when a life is lost the player starts again with a full load of ammunition
This shows damaging effect of enemy fire on the rim.
All lives lost - game over
Entering a high score. The high score table can be saved to / loaded from disk for if required
The high score table holds twenty entries in pages which hold five entries each