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Hollywood Poker Pro (Commodore 64)

Hollywood Poker Pro Commodore 64 Title screen.


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Hollywood Poker Pro Credits


Written byHolger Gehrmann
GraphicsFrank Knust
ModelsMyriam, Birgit, Frances, Ines
SoundtrackChris Hülsbeck
Intro danced byVeronika Mössinger
Intro ChoreographyHolger Gehrmann, Veronika Mössinger
Intro digitized byUwe Grabosch
PhotographsMarcel Egli
Photograph AssistanceEdgar Bäumer, Holger Gehrmann
Digitizer byNewtek
Copyrights byreLINE Software GmbH
Greetings toDisco‑Dieter, swedex, Veronika, Rachel, Deto der Detonator

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