Mean Streets Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

In the speeder
Oh Boy. Fax!
The NAV computer
Auto-piloting the speeder
Disk requester
Talking to Sylvia Linsky
Tex threatened Sylvia, and regretted it
Lee Chin
Delores Lightbody
You know, people are more likely to punch you if they are being threatened
Carl Linsky's Apartment
Bash Dagot
Tex punches Dagot if he gets no information
Bridgeview Warehouse
You shouldn't be messing around with stuff you don't own
Computer on screen
Your inventory
Took too long to shut off the alarm, have you, Tex?
Next time, Tex, don't mess around with apes
Not again
The story so far...
Smiley Monroe. He's a cop, but he likes his bribe money.
J. Saint Gideon's mansion.
J. Saint Gideon gloats about his past.
Wanda Peck - Newspaper reporter.
Arnold Dweeb. Yep, he's a dweeb. But he's got plenty of info to give if you've got the dough.
1980's hair in the 2030's?
Californian cabin.
Beach house.
Secret underground lab.
Law and Order office.
Meeting up with Mr. Big.
Boiler room at Alcatraz.