NARC Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Das Lof Gang
The Junkyard
"You're busted!"
An arrow telling you to go through the door
The Subway
Evidence Bonus
Dr. Spike Rush
K.R.A.K. Street
K.R.A.K. chopper
Drug Lab
Dumpster Man
"Ok, man! I give up!"
Ludicrous Gibs
Two blue men and a car
Kinky Pinky
Hey, porno videos
"We're in the money"
Sgt. Skyhigh
Peace be with you...NOT!
Someone's been naughty planting cannibis here
HQ Posse
Hotel Le Snob. I heard that they provide great service
Mr. Big
That guy in the wheelchair can get around...
And he thinks he is Superman all of a sudden?
Gee, this Mr. Big character has such a big head
Mr. Big has turned himself into a skull
Gold! Gold! Gold
Name Entry