Written by  :  Martin Smith (66812)
Written on  :  Mar 18, 2004
Platform  :  Commodore 64
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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A minute to learn, a lifetime to master, hours to explain - classic stuff

The Good

The basic idea probably came to the designed one day when he had plumbers round, and its inherent simplicity is delightful. It was something different to the Tetris/Klax/Columns style of puzzle games, and offered a lot of potential for invention and strategy. The + shaped pieces are especially important as they give potential to change direction much more easily.

The 20 seconds to start building before the flow starts is perfectly judged, allowing you to lay out lots of working pipes (and the foundations for others as you await the correct pieces - bringing some real strategy into the proceedings).

The bonus game is one of the neatest I've ever seen, a fantastic idea implemented really well.

The extra point bonuses are superb, and the delight when you find or achieve them is massive.

The Bad

You could criticise the graphics and sound, but they more than do the job, and make sure that the game stays within a single 64K load.

The Bottom Line

A simple idea - create a string of pipes using different types of them, whcih are handed to you in a random order, so as to allow some type of liquid to flow through a certain number (or more) to enable you to complete the level - carried out with style and imagination, with extra bonuses, landscape factors such as existing pipes and blocked squares, and the chance to speed up the flow for double points but extra challenge, all adding to the fun.