Project Firestart Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

From the intro. Contact is lost with the space-ship Prometheus, because it's been taken over by mutants.
Title screen.
I have just entered Prometheus. This game has wonderful graphics, and most rooms are unique.
A dead body. Something terrible must have happened here...
This game is very cinematic, with closeups of important (or scary) scenes.
Accessing a computer.
Reading logs on the computer helps you understand what went terribly wrong here.
Use elevators to travel between different floors.
Those mutants must be very blood-thirsty...
Saturn can be seen through the window.
Killing a mutant. You have very limited ammo, just like in many other survival horror games.
Another gruesome scene...
It's easy to get lost on the ship. A map or good memory is necessary.
Close-up of some mutants.
Something has escaped from the test-chamber...
You can often interact with the environment, like disabling this laser-gate from the panel on the wall.
Game over screen.
It's crawling with mutants in the dining-room.
Use first aid kits to restore your health.
Mary is sleeping in the cryo-chamber.
I have to escort Mary to safety.
Maybe she can hide in the waste disposal?
Mary hiding in the waste disposal, safe for the moment.
I will pick up an ID card from this poor fellow.