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The Video Game Critic (Jun 03, 2014)
It's intense, it's exciting, and few accomplishments feel as hard-won and satisfying as taking out a Soviet aircraft carrier fleet - and getting away scott-free. Putin can have the Crimean peninsula, but he'd better think twice about sojourning very far from his Atlantic Fleet bases or he'll have ME to deal with.
Red Storm Rising is ace, fab, brill, wicked and totally awesome. Well up to the Microprose standard of quality sims. I can't wait for the next one.
Commodore User (Oct, 1988)
Red Storm Rising is nothing less than a brilliant game. It's obviously well researched, superbly programmed and it packs in loads of information about modern submarine warfare. Like most MicroProse games, it can be played at whatever level you like and is not really as daunting and complicated as you first think, although it does have depth if you're prepared to look for it. It also manages to make the most out of an unpromising scenario. Let's face it, there's no speed and no fast shooting; you're just blimping around underwater. But it's pretty gripping stuff all the same.
A totally enjoyable simulation of contemporary attack submarine operations in the "Next War." Although some purists decry certain design decisions (made for playability), this reviewer considers the game to be one of the best on the market.
Ein besonderes Lob verdient die Anleitung, die auf über 150 Seiten alles Wissenswerte erläutert. Red Storm Rising ist somit kein Sturm im Wasserglas: Wer über die abstruse Hintergrundgeschichte hinwegsehen kann, findet eine einzigartige Mischung aus Realismus und Hochspannung!
The separate missions are entertaining, varied and challenging even without making use of extensive options. The icing on the cake is the Red Storm campaign: It's a totally demanding, powerful and vicious battle at all levels and another winner for Microprose.
Power Play (Nov, 1988)
Wer eine schnelle U-Boot-Ballerei mit taktischem Einschlag wie beim Vorgänger erwartet, wird aber enttäuscht auf Tauchstation gehen. Man kann beispielsweise nicht mehr auftauchen und die hübsche Bordkanone benutzen. Man taucht in dieser Simulation nicht einmal mehr auf. Dafür bekommt man viele Torpedos, knackige Gegner und ein grundsolides Spiel, das Hobbystrategen und U-Boot-Fans mächtig erfreuen wird.
If you've played and enjoyed Silent Service, you find Red Storm different enough to take a hard look at and if you've never played a submarine simulation, you'll be hard pushed to find one as enjoyable as this.
Kann ich auch (leider) nichts von der technischen Seite bemängeln, so stellt Red Storm Rising trotzdem für mich eine verabscheuungswürdige Simulation dar, wird doch ein Fall simuliert, der zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt wohl das Ende der Menschheit bedeuten würde. In der Realität würde ein solcher konventioneller Krieg jedenfalls bald zum atomaren Holocaust eskalieren. Fazit: Es bleibt zu hoffen, da wir Red Storm Rising bald auf der „schwarzen“ Liste wiederfinden werden.
As may be seen from the tenor of this article, Red Storm Rising is highly recommended. Truthfully, this reviewer did not expect a simulation as entertaining and apparently accurate as this was.