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It's all a bit like an updated version of Missile Command, and while it's not particularly addictive or attractive to look at it's a fair buy for four quid.
Commodore Format (Jun, 1991)
It's a jolly little blast with fairly good graphics and sounds. It makes a good first impression but I can't see interest lasting.
The Commodore version fares a lot better, with neat backdrops helping to boost gameplay. Without the coin-ops gloss the similarity of each level brings very repetitive play with it, especially on the Amstrad and Spectrum.
A conversion of the mediocre Sega coin-op. Planetary defence is the name of the game as you fire your laser satellite at the marauding nuclear warheads. SDI is a simple game that was average on all counts when it was first released for £9.99. There are much better budget arcade conversions available for the C64, so keep well away from this effort.
Commodore Force (Aug, 1993)
I find it tedious, dull and naff. At no point during play, does the shoot-em-up action of SDI rise above mediocre. I never realised nuclear war could be so yawn-inducing (sigh).