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An outwardly unremarkable conversion, which, despite its shortfalls, still provides a challenge for fans of the coin-op.
Animation on objects is nominal, and Xain himself is particularly unimpressive in movement. He is a short fat sprite on the C64, but like most of the graphics, makes good use of resolution and colour. However, the scrolling play area is disappointingly short. Overall a good conversion on the C64.
Zzap! (Mar, 1989)
When you consider what makes games like Soldier of Light popular in the arcades, it usually boils down to a few basic elements – the graphics, the sound and the mindless action. Naturally the 64 can't hope to achieve the quality of audio and video that the coin-op offered, but when a horrendous control system plagues you then things begin to look a bit grim.
Commodore Force (Aug, 1993)
Ill thought-out graphics and clumsy controls are never the best ingredients to start a game recipe with. As you may have guessed, SOL has 'em both, a shame, as we could've had a playable blaster on our hands. It isn't that bad: there's just a few niggles that could (and should) have been ironed out. A lack of serious play-testing, I'll wager.
A well known, if slightly over rated coin-op conversion in it's day. Good buy for those determined to have every coin-op that ever bleeped in their collection.