Written by  :  RUSSELL HUGHES (9)
Written on  :  Apr 28, 2004
Platform  :  Commodore 64

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A defining moment for shoot-em-ups.

The Good

Graphically Uridium was in a league of it's own. Running at a consistent silky smooth 50-frames per second - Uridium's crisp detailed metallic stylings looked like a coin-op, and was every arcade loving C64 owners dream come true. Aside from the varied and detailed enemy ships, Uridium gave you huge dreadnaughts to carve up and ultra-rapid fire with which to do it, leaving detailed craters and debris in your wake. Being able to flip the ship on it's side was inspired design also - giving some of gaming's most heart-stopping moments. Once you'd landed the craft and triggered the destruction of the dreadnaught (via a simple yet brilliant mini-game) You got to fly over it one last time as it melted beneath you satisfyingly, giving you a few seconds to relax and compose yourself for the next stage. Sonically the game excelled too, with a great title-screen tune and wide range of memorable sound fx. The presentation, balance, gameplay, style and downright fun this game offered were unique. Often copied - never equalled. Andrew Braybrook's genius oozed from every pixel.

Just awesome.

The Bad

Not a thing - It was perfect.

The Bottom Line

Amongst the greatest shoot-em-ups of all time.