Written by  :  Mattias Kreku (439)
Written on  :  Jul 22, 2003
Platform  :  Commodore 64
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The reason I bought a C64

The Good

The best parts about Wasteland is its intense and totally immerging atmosphere. You start out as a young, naive soldier in a land plagued by the effects of a full scale nuclear war. Your initial job is to serve as a sort of policeman, but as you progress into the depths of the game your mission becomes much more than that.

I have never played a game with so much going for it. The advancement system, the settings, the equipment & weapons, the people you meet and fight, and an amazing story. It's all in here and it's flawless.

The Bad

The C64-version came on 4 floppys. Not too bad, you might say. Guess again! The game actually requires you to copy each and every one of those 4 floppys to another set of 4 floppys, making it 8 in total! Everytime you wanted to start over you had to do this ridiculously slow routine.. It took about an hour or so to do it on my C64.

The Bottom Line

The graphics of the C64-version is actually better than its PC counterpart. Same with the sound. The C64 used its famous SID-chip while the PC-version used the internal speaker. *BEEP* *BEEP*