Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots (Commodore 64)

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Commodore 64 version

Somewhere in San Francisco...
Starting Position. Click on the button to proceed
Please select floor
Hello, Dianne
Name Entry
Hello, Ms. Brassey
Warp Sequence Activated!
Japan, 1800
Which place and time period do you want to go today?
A V.I.L.E. Henchman!
China, 1918
"Aar, matey, keep your hands off'n me or I'll cut you with my knife"
Capture Robot Activated!
Holland, 1560
Too old to be a henchwoman, isn't she?
Holland, 1910
Be careful, you're getting too close
The capture robot homing in on the suspect
Here, we see the capture robot vaporizing the suspect
When you solve a case, you'll often get slapped by questions like these