Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 3DS (US):

    Re-mastered exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system. Fly Solvalou in a battle against Xevious forces.

    3D Classics: Xevious revisits the popular vertical-scrolling arcade game, bringing back favorite elements of the original that can be enjoyed in 2D or 3D. In this enhanced version, view Solvalou from a mid-air perspective and gauge incoming fire from down below while the scenery and aerial enemies fly by. Pilot the advanced fighter-bomber through 16 hazardous areas and destroy as many targets as possible. Annihilate the Andor Genesis for extra points and earn a place among the high scores.

    Contributed by Harmony‚ô• (9519) on Jul 17, 2016.

Back of Cover - Commodore 64 (UK):



    Another Classic Atari coin-op hits the 64! -Zzap 64

    Many eons ago, an advanced technologically orientated civilisation was forced to evacuate Earth prior to the Ice Age. Now, these Xevious people are returning to reclaim their heritage through conquest. From the controls of your Solvalu super spacecraft, you must defend the Earth from takeover by the Xevious invaders! Flying a search and destroy mission, you will cruise over the scrolling landscape, bombing Xevious ground entrenchments and zapping the air targets that come into range. Easy. But now look out for the flying mirrors - impossible to destroy; a collision will spell certain death! In the event of your surviving wave after wave of enemy onslaughts you will encounter the controlling force of the Xevious offensive; the Anor Genesis Mother Ship! This is your goal. A direct hit to her central reactor will disable her, but do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Xevious forces will soon re-appear to renew their attacks with increased determination!

    See overleaf for game instructions

    The classic Atari Coin-op

    Contributed by FatherJack (58541) on Jun 12, 2014.

Comic book ad:
    Skillfully maneuver the fighter plane at warp speeds through treacherous air space and gain the strike advantage. Fire the laser-pulse weaponry at Xevious enemy aircraft and equipment.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (45655) on Nov 15, 2012. - Wii:

    X-plosive action

    The game that provided the template for vertical shooters

    Control your Solvalou ship and destroy the Xevious forces! Fire the zapper missiles against air-based enemies and drop the blaster bombs down upon ground-based targets. Destroy Andor Genesis to earn bonus points! Unique enemies, interesting background music, a variety of vertically scrolling background environments and many hidden game play features differentiated Xevious from the other shooting games released at the time. Are you devious enough to beat Xevious?

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (61004) on Feb 08, 2007.

Back of Box - GBA (US):
    Strike deep behind enemy lines in the Classic NES shooter for the Game Boy Advance!

    XEVIOUS puts you in the cockpit of a state-of-the-art Solvalou strike fighter on a daring mission to infiltrate hostile airspace. Now you can play the intense Classic NES shooter on the Game Boy Advance! You are humanity's last hope of eradicating the sinister XEVIOUS collective - shoot down wave after wave of enemy fighters, drop your deadly payload of guided bombs, and take out the colossal flying fortress to bring the XEVIOUS war machine to its knees!

    Contributed by Alrightya (312) on Jun 11, 2005. - Game Boy Advance:

    Shoot stuff with your wicked spaceship.

    The original all-out blitz!


    • Two players alternating
    • Save high scores
    • Vertical-scrolling shooting action

    Those invaders from space, they landed. Turns out that Earth is a pretty cozy place, but you have a housewarming gift they're not going to like. Hop in your Solvalou and take back Earth in Xevious, part of the NES Classics Series.

    One of the first vertical-scrolling games, Xevious calls for you to man your aircraft, the Solvalou, shoot air targets and bomb ground forces. You'll need to blast the motherships in order to send the aliens packing. No need to worry about trigger-finger fatigue. Just hold down the buttons for repeat weapons fire.

    Find the hidden Sol Citadels, silo-like structures, to score big points. Special flags are also hidden in the game to give you an extra life. If you progress through at least 70% of a given area and lose your ship, you'll start at the beginning of the next area. If you don't make it far enough, you'll have to start over at the beginning of the area.

    Bottom Line

    Two players can alternate gameplay on a single Game Pak or through a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable in this action-packed shooting game.

    Contributed by Xoleras (65974) on Apr 13, 2005.

Atari Catalog - 1987:
    The Xevions are back to reclaim their planet - Earth! You must battle their Domogram rovers, Toroid patrol fleets, and Zoshi death squads! Your only hope is to penetrate the forces and destroy their flagship. Spectacular 3D graphics.

    Contributed by RKL (5606) on Dec 28, 2003.

Atari Catalog - 1984:
    The Xevious people have come to reclaim their original planet, Earth. You must battle their Domogram rovers, Toroid patrol fleets, and Zoshi death squads on land and in the air. Your only hope is to penetrate their forces and destroy their flagship! With spectacular 3-D graphics and over 15 different deadly enemies.

    Contributed by RKL (5606) on Dec 28, 2003.

Description from manual (Atari 7800):
    We Have Seen the Aliens... and They Are Us!

    It's a nightmare, but it's true! Research shows that we are the actual aliens on Earth, and the ruthless Xevions are the original inhabitants.

    Now the Xevions want Earth back -- minus humans! Their invasion forces are fierce -- the land is crawling with deadly Domogram Rovers; the sky is black with Toroid Patrol Fleets and Zoshi Death Squads.

    Our puny weapons offer no defense. Earth's only hope is our powerful new Solvalou Fighter Plane. Its pilot will have a single mission: Penetrate the enemy ranks and destroy the Xevious Mother Ship.

    The mission is dangerous. We can't guarantee success. But at this point, it's do or die!

    One small problem. We still need a pilot. Any volunteers?

    Contributed by RKL (5606) on Dec 28, 2003.

Back of Box (Atari 7800):

    * For use with the ATARI 7800 Series System
    * For use with 7800 controllers

    The aliens have landed. Or have they? These Invading barbarians from deep space claim they are the true Earth people and we are the aliens. It's too late to parley. The battle is on! And the Xevions have most of the weapons. Only one person can save Earth. But who?

    * Endless number of air and ground melees
    * For 1 or 2 players
    * 4 skill levels

    Contributed by RKL (5606) on Dec 28, 2003.