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Advertising Blurbs

From the Triton Software Catalog For Your IBM, 1988:
    And Now for Something Completely ... Zany!

    Can a seedy reporter for an even seedier supermarket tabloid foil an extraterrestrial plot to turn mankind's brains to mush? Zak McKracken can, with a lot of your help.

    As you travel around the globe - and beyond - you'll enjoy great 3D graphics, wild sound effects, original music, diabolical mysteries, and a unique no-typing interface. And you'll give your funny bone the best workout it's had in years.

    Contributed by Belboz (6484) on Oct 05, 2001.

Back of Box - Amiga/ST/PC (US):

    The phone company is reaching out and touching people everywhere -- and leaving them witht he I.Q. of a turnip...

    To Zak McKracken, its just another day at the office. He's the roving reporter who's scoffed by his peers. Dreaded by his dreditors. And relished by readers of his tabloid sleze.

    But one night in bed, Zak McKracken uncovers evidence of an extraterrestrial plot. And unlike all the other "alien conspiracies" his tabloid churns out with regularity, this one's for real!"

    Contributed by Olivier Masse (420) on Oct 05, 1999.