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Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Story chapters.
Loading screen provides tips.
Chased by a pack of wolves, while armed with nothing but a flare gun.
Nice view of aurora borealis.
Trying to find a safe landing spot before the plane crashes.
Guess see's not very happy about the current situation since time is of the essence.
Fending off against a pack of hungry wolves.
Weapons wheel.
Focus shooting will highlight the predator's vital organs you can hit to deal greater damage.
Digging out scattered supplies from the plane crash.
Logan James, the protagonist.
With dead animals the hungry predators shouldn't be far off.
While hanging down from the cliffs your only weapon of choice is a pistol.
The scenery is as beautiful as it is deadly.
You can find journals scattered around which will provide background story of events that occurred in the past.
Sometimes you'll start to slip, which will trigger a quick-event response to grab onto the ledge.
Many of the gameplay consists of lots of climbing and jumping.
Some jumps are longer, so watch out for sudden slipping.
Gotta go down below to save doctor West.
An unlucky adventurer.
Mountain puma on the attack.
This cavern seemed to have been occupied.
Crossing the bridge in a sled.
Gotta bring Karen to Jonah's cabin to escape the cold.
Reaching Jonah's cabin.
Use rolling to evade bear attacks.
Bears are dealt with, but they killed all our sled dogs.
Ranger Jonah likes to live in isolation.
Time to hunt some animals for food supply.
An outpost in the mountains.
Let's hope the power generator is still working.
You will find ammo supplies scattered around the map.
Shotgun should be enough to take care of this grizzly bear.
This bear is down.
Firearms can easily break the icicles blocking your way.
Using grappling hook to cross great distances and chasms.
Climbing around the mountain.
Exploring the abandoned mine.
Usually bats aren't as aggressive creatures, but for some reason, these are.
Tally ho!
Heading for the Jenner station in the distance with your loyal companion.
Leaders of the pack are much more resilient to your shooting.
Wolves attack in great numbers so pick your targets wisely.

Wii version

Title screen
Game mode select screen
James Logan right after the crash
James Logan trying to fight off the hungry wolves
Intro (shown after the 1st mission)
Intro: James Logan and Dr. Karen West
Riding a dog sled
A-hunting we will go
Attacked by a wolf pack
In focus mode James can see vital organs of the animals
You've survived another mission
Jonah's hut
A fight with 2 bears
These bears hit hard
Quickly press"C" or fall to your doom
Swinging with the help of a ice-pick
Super hero-ish jumps
Shooting the pesky birds
Making a fire - a save point
Ammo pick up
These jumps are just supernatural to me
Karen and James devising a plan
Supernatural jumps are nothing special for pilot James Logan
A destructible obstacle
Find journal notes to uncover the side story
Using the grappling hook
Weapon select radial menu
Saved by the dog, again
A dead moose
Chased by a huge bear
Escape the avalanche
Choosing a trek to play in shooting gallery mode
Starting one of the Shooting gallery treks
There are animals to kill and bonuses to collect (Survival mode)
Shooting gallery. Not unlike Moorhuhn.
Attacked by a wolf pack (Survival mode)
Take that you big bad wolf (Survival mode)
Hit by a bear (Survival mode). Ouch!