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Cake Mania

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BREW 1 5.0
J2ME 1 5.0
Macintosh 1 5.0
Nintendo DS 1 5.0
Palm OS 1 5.0
Windows 3 3.6
Combined MobyScore 8 4.5

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Nintendo DSJive Magazine
At under $20, Cake Mania is an affordable option for the DS. It might not have all the bells and whistles of other high end puzzle games but still provides the relaxing enjoyment which the puzzle genre is known for.
Cake Mania is a real treat for casual gamers.
This is certainly a worthy entry into the "Customer Management" category, and the addition of "shopping" certainly helps move the whole genre forward. If you enjoy the challenge, focus and fun of these types of games, Cake Mania will make a tasty addition to your casual game collection.
The gameplay is addictive, to say the least, and great fun. The animation could use more pizzazz, but overall, Cake Mania is pleasing to the eye, especially as you progress to the more exotic locales. And while the interface could use tweaking (when you click on a customer, no checkmark is placed on the client), the game is easy to play. If you play the demo, plan on buying the full version because the free sample won't be enough.
When the retail behemoth "Mega-Mart" moves in, Jill's beloved family bakery is forced to close. But she's determined to get the business back on its feet with delicious sweets. Help Jill open her own bakery, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' bakery!
Cake Mania is a basic, by the numbers Diner Dash clone that’s good, but unremarkable.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
Cake Mania is an overall solid game. With a strong art style and a good challenge and length; there is plenty of game to be had. Granted, it can get really repetitive, which is a general weakness of casual games of this type. However, it is fun when it is fun and that is what should matter in the end. Give Cake Mania a taste.
Nintendo DSGameZone
While there isn’t anything deep about this game, it’s still a lot of fun for a few hours of play. Players will keep doing the same things over again, but this isn’t any different from Dr. Mario, which was a good game. The best test to see if this type of game-play suits you is to play the online version. If you find that fun, then you will find this version just as fun.
Nintendo DSNintendojo
Cake Mania's greatest strength is its accessibility, which leads to an uncontrollable desire to compulsively play late into the night, fine tuning your multitasking skills. It's a great candidate for DS's casual gamers Touch Generation line, though for some reason it's not officially labeled such. Regardless, Cake Mania started out and did big on the Internet. To only pay $20 for a portable version that includes both the full game and expansion really sweetens the deal. Puzzle fans and casual gamers looking for an affordable, quick game have a great option in Jill's bakery.
Nintendo DSNetjak
I recommend Cake Mania for the DS. It’s not as good as the PC version, but it’s nice that it is portable. Unfortunately, the touch screen is not as accurate as a mouse and I don’t even want to get started about the glitch - if it had happened any more often than it did, then I would be unable to recommend this game. Despite my concerns, the game is fun if you like that repetitive gameplay. Personally, I find it to be rather cathartic. If this game has piqued your interest, you can download a free trial (of the PC version) by Googling "Cake Mania". This will give you a chance to "try before you buy".
So is this title a gourmet chocolate genoise or a dry cupcake? More like your great grandma's tapioca pudding. Cake Mania could be fun for children, but even they'll tire of its click happy baking after a short while. And at a download price of $19.99, this dessert just isn't tasty enough to warrant a sweet tooth gamer's purchase, so sorry, Jill - looks like Mega Mart is gonna win this time.
Nintendo DSGamePro (US)
I would recommend buying it, if you like it as much as I did and can find it used. I am still deciding whether I want to buy it or not. Gots to fit that $15 into my budget somewhere, but where? I just loved this game.
Nintendo DSIGN
Cake Mania was released in two parts on the PC; for the DS version, the two editions have been combined into a single experience. So, at the very least, you're getting a comparable value on the handheld system, since as of this writing the download version will set you back 15 bucks compared to the $20 Majesco's priced the DS version. Cake Mania on the Nintendo DS is fun but shallow; as long as you know that 20 bucks is getting you only a simple, admittedly challenging, casual game, then you're golden.
Nintendo DSNintendoWorldReport
Jill's outlook looks bright, however. I can say it was a pleasure to study here, even if it seems that her rote-memorized daily life seems shallow and simple. She does have quirks that need to be fixed, such as her tendency to listen to only one track of music for every second of everyday. I am recommending her for consideration for release.
Nintendo DSGamersMark
Cake Mania is a jolly good time, but only for a while -- it’s fresh for the first two dozen or so levels, but then it becomes stale. Your bakery will be moved to different venues with different types of customers, but the gameplay remains essentially unchanged throughout. And that could be fine for you. It certainly helps that you can buy Cake Mania for $20, so you may find the game to be your cup of tea if you don’t mind repetitive and simplistic gameplay.
Nintendo DSGameSpy
Even with these major issues, Cake Mania is a cute casual title that will entertain some gamers in between more serious experiences. Its budget price will appeal to many, especially considering the fact that the PC version is not free anymore and the main game, minus expansion, costs as much as this handheld version. Picky gamers will surely turn their backs, but Cake Mania is not designed for them: in the hands of a casual audience it can be enjoyed little by little, maybe going back to that particularly hard level after a few months or so, just to give it another try.
Nintendo DSBoomtown
Cake Mania is, despite sharing the whole food motif, very different from the likes of Cooking Mama – a far more hardcore experience. This is a simpler game, better suited to general consumption, and isn’t bad for it. The control issues will kill interest in all but the most determined casual gamer, however, and the graphics will cause even those with 20/20 vision to squint from time to time. It’s a tasty little game, but you’ll finish it very quickly and still feel hungry.
Nintendo DSGameDaily
This makes Cake Mania difficult, a shame, considering its popularity on PC. It definitely satisfies, but there's nothing amazing about it. Unless they need to bake away from their computers, players should stick with the PC version.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing
The DS rendition of Cake Mania is a mixed bag. If you played the PC version and love it, go ahead and give this confectioner's fancy a try. It's not everything that the PC version is, but it'll cost you half the price as getting the full versions of both games. If you're a gamer looking to whet your palate on something new or, worse yet, a casual gamer looking for something to play during a train ride, consider long and hard before putting down money for this. The sharp difficulty curve is enough to scare away all but the most devoted and patient of gamers, and the repetition will lead to the frustration and hand cramps.
In the end, Cake Mania for the DS was created more-so for its fans than anyone else. Its portability allows people to play the game on the go whenever they need their quick PC gaming fix, and the touch-screen controls prevent any sort of hand-aches. Still, for a budget price of $20 (compared to the PC version being $15), it’s certainly a welcome option for those willing to invest the time in this quirky title. Unfortunately, shallow gameplay options and incredibly simple tweaks make this port a no-no for casual gamers thirsting for the next addictive simulation.
Nintendo DSCheat Code Central
Cake Mania appears to be a game that graphically and conceptually targets a younger, more casual gamer. Unfortunately, the extreme difficulty level will most likely alienate this target audience. Still, the game can be fairly cute and entertaining at times. If you are easily frustrated, you may not want to play this game. However, if you seek a challenge and like playing a game that is all about task and time management, Cake Mania could be just what you are looking for.
Nintendo DS1UP
Still, as long as you don't go in expecting a rich tableau of storytelling and deep, sophisticated gameplay, Cake Mania is a decent portable time-waster -- and at $19.99, at least it's cheap. But if your cell phone comes with awesome free games, you might do just as well wasting your time on those.
Cake Mania ist zwar eine würzige Mischung und daher gut geeignet für eine kurze Zwischenmahlzeit – insbesondere für Kinder. Leider fallen die Käfer im Teig auf, wodurch dem Gebäck einige Punkte abgezogen werden müssen. Stört man sich an diesen Punkten nicht, so kann man getrost zu diesem Nachtisch greifen und für kurze Zeit auch eine leckere Mahlzeit auf dem Tisch stehen haben.
Nintendo DSPocket Gamer UK
Maybe Eidos hopes Cake Mania's lowly price and casual branding will offset such faults. At best though, this is a game you'll only want to play for small chunks of time when you don't have access to the superior PC game. Choosing this is like comparing a piece of dried-up Carrot cake to a Black Forest Gateau. It won't make you fat, but it won't provide much satisfaction either.
La conversion DS de Cake Mania n'offre vraiment qu'un très faible intérêt. Son gameplay répétitif, son manque d'innovation et sa précision tactile aléatoire en font un soft à éviter. La bibliothèque ludique de la DS a bien mieux à offrir et il serait dommage de perdre son temps sur un si mauvais jeu.
Nintendo DSAceGamez
With sound that doesn't leave much of an impact - repetitive tunes and very little to listen to overall - and a replay value that is almost non-existent due to starting from scratch, Cake Mania is a flawed and outdated game that is hard to recommend. Even those who find enjoyment out of it will grow weary of the limited nature of the gameplay, boring and repetitive characters and flawed structure of the overall experience. This is one cake that should've been baked for longer and given a more elaborate coat of icing before being served up.
Nintendo (UK)
As a concept it's fine - it's passably addictive, and rewards extended play with increased complexity. The problem is that Cake Mania will almost certainly frustrate its intended audience with its very sharp learning curve and necessary repetition. It doesn't move quite fast enough to keep the adrenaline going - mostly you're clicking on four or five things with the stylus and then waiting about a minute for your cake waitress to carry out the actions. Past the fifth level or so there's little incentive to keep playing, especially as the extremely average presentation imbues it with precious little personality or spark, which gives it yet another disadvantage next to other DS puzzle games. Ultimately, Cake Mania is too expensive, too slow and too limited to excel in this overcrowded field.
Nintendo DSGameSpot
What it all boils down to is that running this bakery isn't a whole lot of fun. There's no creativity involved--you're just tapping icons. The game's also quite difficult, so you're constantly on edge while you're playing. There are several different bakeries as well as a bonus quest, but the gameplay is so repetitive that you're not likely to play long enough to enjoy it.
Nintendo DSDigital Entertainment News (den)
These problems coupled with the sloppy touchscreen make for a game that’s enjoyable in short bursts but almost impossible to play for prolonged periods of time. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for - an acceptable game that put away at a moment’s notice, or just something simple that you don’t have to sink a lot of your mental energy into. A word of advice first – if you’re considering it, try the online version you can still play for free first. It might not take a lot for you to get your fill of Cake Mania. Was that pun too bad? I think it might have been too bad.
Nintendo DSG4 TV: X-Play
For all of its sugary subject matter, Cake Mania is as low fat as Nintendo DS games get. Sure, the game throws some upgrades and scenery changes at the wall, but none of them are really game-changing. Play the first level of Cake Mania and you've played them all. By comparison Cooking Mama feels like a deep, nuanced experience. Which, frankly, it isn't. Cake Mania is best left to those with masochistic streaks, bundt cake fetishes or the genetic inability to identify and run screaming from crappy box art.