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PC-98 version

Title screen
Naming the hero
First location: library
Talking to Mika
Venus appears..
...and shows you some... erm... interesting things
Outside, in the night
Dialogue choices
To "try it again", you'll have to reset. Meh
Everything goes well with the church girl
Post-coitus dialogue
You see a mysterious tower...
Naturally, there is a princess of sorts there. Choose wisely!
The princess agrees to have sex. Life is easy, eh?
The classic tale of the sleeping beauty
Make the right move, hero!
The sleeping beauty becomes purple and slightly Chinese...
...which doesn't prevent her from sleeping with you
Uh-oh, now this looks tougher...
Only two choices!
She looks shy
Enchanted forest
One of the few sex scenes without the hero
A mysterious room...
...with a mysterious woman
The background is lovely, but what about those options?
I can't believe it! Venus herself agrees to... you know?
Meeting Alice in Wonderland!
Surreal scene
Recounting your past loves
Yeah, yeah, but actually this leads to a bad ending. Don't be hasty