Calcio Championship Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
player information
the usual set of options
Game modes
Team selection. Everything looking a lot like Puma Street Soccer
Impressed by the architecture, the Japanese bought the Luigi Ferraris and assembled it in Osaka. I suppose.
Team selection
Kicking off the match
Running with the ball
Going on the break...
Taking a goal kick
The crowd goes wild as the goalkeepers falls to his knees
Replaying a goal
A camera more to the liking of Striker or Worldwide Socer fans
Throwing in
Half-time statistics
The crowd going wild again, as the second extends Brazil's lead
The behind camera allows better shot placement
Defending a free-kick
Free replay
This has to be the third. It simply has
If the Japanese took the Luigi Ferraris, in Korea they now have the Stadio Olimpico
Some nastyness
Going on the wing...
Preparing to release a cross
A camera for Kick-Off fans
A lot more nastyness
Taking a free-kick
Game events such as fouls and offsides include a rather large textual display.
Taking a penalty
A rare photo of an English player not missing a penalty.