Call of Atlantis Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Unlocking a seal
All seals have been unlocked
The map - we start in Rome
Starting out
Making a match
A match of four charges the power..
...which then can be used to remove lots of tiles at once
Creating a cascade of matches
Items are collected by letting them fall to the bottom
Level completed
The bomb can be used to destroy a cluster of tiles
The hourglass can be used for some extra time
Here we have some locked tiles
And here's a frozen tile. It won't fall down
Which item should be here?
Collect the heart for an extra life

iPhone version

Call of Atlantis: Loading screen...
Story mode
Some helpful descriptions
Match the items, by switching only one at a time
Level complete
So this is Rome, in landscape mode.
Colosseum looks even bigger in portrait mode.
Hmm. Need to find something that is hidden?
So where should I place this?
Need to activate a crystal
And to activate the crystal I need to swipe my finger on my iPhone and create an ugly version of the number 3.
What now?
Power of Earth seems good.
A level in landscape mode
The same level in portrait mode
Another level completed
Score and statistics screen

Windows version

Loading screen
Enter your name
Title screen and main menu
Puzzle one at the Altar of Poseidon, Put the correct item with the correct altar seal to release the seals.
I have unlocked the Seal of Water.
I have unlocked all the seals
The map
Level 1 in Rome
Level completed
Level stats
Level 2 of Rome
I found an item
In level 4, you can get the Bomb of the Titans
The Bomb will destroy all the lightened area.
The high scores
I got the crystal of the Power of Iron but it shattered.
I need to find all the pieces.
I restored the crystal to the altar.
Level 2 of Greece.