Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
The mansion is occupied by cultists.
The people of Innsmouth are unfriendly. You better watch your step.
Zadok Allen has useful information.
The blasphemous temple of the Hydra.
Welcome to Innsmouth. Have a nice death.
Remember to read the notes. You can get useful information.
Inside the morgue.
The Esoteric Order of Dagon.
Avoid enemies instead of trying to kill them.
Desecrated church.
Inventory screen.
Jack suffers from acrophobia (the fear of heights).
Lucas Mackey, one of the few "normal" people in Innsmouth.
Attacking the police station.
In order to heal yourself you can apply bandages, splints, sutures and antidotes to specific parts of your body.
Main hall of the Gilman Hotel.
Hidden chamber beneath the church.
The generator room in the Marsh Refinery.
J. Edgar Hoover is in a big trouble.
How to defeat that thing?!
Stealth kill.