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Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.

Call of Duty 3 Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Call Of Duty 3 title screen
You can start a single player game or jump into multiplayer from this screen
The story is told through numerous cutscenes like this one
Cooking grenades makes them explode sooner
Timing your reloading right is the key to survival!
You can destroy ammo dumps,artillery,etc on some levels with your explosives
Rowing across a river while artillery rains down on you is no easy task!
Pointing your gun at a allied solider will tell you his name and what weapon he is carrying
Getting up close and personal with the Germans!
You can throw grenades back to the enemy (If you are quick enough!)
Weapons dropped from fallen enemies can be picked up and used
Call Of Duty 3 contains many war torn landscapes
Some levels (Like this fuel plant) are dark and foreboding
Forests contain lot of places for the Germans (and allies) to take cover
The French Resistance and the British Commando's seen to hate each other just as much as the Nazi's!
Taking a enemy solider out from behind is a one hit kill
You can use A.D.S (Aim Down Sights) to get perfect head shots!
Smoke can be used to give yourself some cover
Sniper rifles are great for taking out enemy solider's from a distance
Tanks can be used to great effect!
On some levels you will have to use your binoculars to call in artillery strikes
Call Of Duty 3 has a great multiplayer mode!
You get a nice quote if you fail your mission