Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Screenshots

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Wii version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Making a Profile
Captain Price
Securing the bridge
Good reference
The first shell shock moment of Modern Warfare
"We are LEAVING!"
Watch your step
Will I make it?
Al-Asad in the infamous execution scene
Flashback. Chernobyl, 1996. Playing as Price
The target
It's fine, he can walk it off
Getting the hell out of there!
Going to meet the 'Good Russians'
And Boom goes the dynamite..
AC-130 mission - 25 mm Mode
105 mm Mode
Bonus Mission
Crap, crap, crap, crap
Going skydiving
Nice view
Mission Select
Select Difficulty
The story is told through cool looking scenes like this during load screens
Entering Not-Iraq/n
Softening Resistance
"50,000 people used to live here.."

Windows version

Main menu
Mission selection screen - once the player has been through a mission it becomes available for playing it again.
The game has a really wide arsenal for the player to mess around with, every singe weapon that you see in this shot becomes available on the game!
At the beginning there was... the tutorial.
As you meet your S.A.S. squad mates, capt. Price takes the piss off your name (which is 'Soap' by the way). Notice the funny stance of the second guy from the left :)
Price is a rough character but a good guy. He is the leader of your S.A.S. squad and you should listen to his instructions and orders carefully if you want to survive.
We are ready to hit the deck of this freight-liner.
Jumping out of the helicopter a'la S.A.S. style.
The heli-guy wants to help us on securing the ship by spotting enemies and reporting their location to us.
Ready to break in the cabins.
The ship has been hit and she's going down, time to run baby...
Made it to the evac helicopter on the fraction of the last second.
She's history and along with her the nukes she was carrying.
The title sequence, seen from the eyes of a 'to be' dead president of an imaginary country in the Middle East.
That guy is your main target throughout the game. He's a terrorist. Any resemblance with real persons or situations is a pure coincidence...
A mission briefing / loading screen
The S.A.S. team deployed in some Russian woods in a mission to rescue an informer.
Following my team mate through the field.
Helicopter ride to hell. Here we are low-level transported to the drop zone.
The game excels in the graphics department as the beautiful 3D modeling combined with the real-time rendering and dynamic lighting produces stunning visuals.
Bogey at my 12, time to waste'em bad terrorists... Hoorah!
Looking through the scope and going for the kill inside the local TV station.
Night shot of the war-torn city... This one reminds me of the many scenes that we have seen on the news during the last years... So sad.
A couple of Cobra gunships came to aid us in securing this building.
Using the tank's armor plates as drawing board for our short mission briefing.
Ooops! This looks like trouble! I guess I'll have to be on foot again.
Staying low provides better cover and you can also study the vegetation of the country.
Big bad mosquito! Don't think that I brought this down with the peashooter I'm holding :)
Action inspired from the news and military videos on the web: You can actually take the position of gunners in aerial support Lockheed C-130 aircraft.
You have 3 types of shells at your disposal to provide air support to friendly ground units by firing at all hostile activity on the vicinity.
I just feel sorry for the poor owner of that pick-up truck.
Night vision
When a light bomb explodes, the last thing you saw stay on your retina, and you hear a whistle.
Some curiosities: nearby grenades are indicated through an icon (very useful) and bullets can pass through crappy walls.
And if the grenade is too close, you can grab it and throw back.
Make sure you kill them, or injured enemies can give an unpleasant surprise.
Be careful when hiding behind a car, they can blow up under heavy fire.
The only civilian in the whole game (don't worry, the bad guys killed him).
And the only girl in the whole game (at least, she doesn't wear bikini armor).
Definitely, this has nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq/n