Call of Duty: MW3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Mission briefing occurs during loading.
Soviet troops are crawling the city streets.
Use zoom for better aiming precision.
Don't forget to use covers on a regular basis, it can save your life.
Head shot should take care of the enemy gunner.
You cannot harm Hind with a rifle, so the only option is to run.
This TV station is still broadcasting.
Enemy in scope.
Fighting through the derelict buildings.
Shotgun at close range will stop anyone.
Pause menu.
Smaller obstacles can be jumped over.
Evading mines.
Entering enemy sub.
When breaching, game will enter slow-motion to let you take on multiple enemies within a given time.
Using enemy weapon payload against them.
Navigating through enemy fleet.
Shoot the mines to take out the gunboat.
Fend off the attackers until your backup arrives.
Escorting the president.
Protecting the president against the hijackers.
Who is flying this plane!?
Assault on the beach.
Allied tank reinforcements.
Paris, yet another war zone.
The Osprey has been shot down.
Taking out enemy armored forces throughout the city from high above.
Sneaking mission.
Don't let the guards spot.
Meeting with the resistance.
Taking out enemy snipers.
Lightning flash will reveal enemy patrols, but can also make you more visible to the enemy if you're standing in the open.
Silence and timing are two most important things during the stealth missions.
Welcome to Berlin.
Enemy fire from the rooftop.
Firefight on the rooftops.
Hold L3 to take a breath and steady your aim.

Wii version

Title Screen
Creating a Profile
Main Menu
The epilogue is an FMV in the Wii version
The world has gone to hell
Meet Sandman
Not a bad looking Wii game
Once more unto the breach
Poor guy
Kicking ass with the new Grenade Launcher, the XM25.
Pushing through the entrenched enemy position
Ammo Cache
Fighting towards the signal jammer
Planting the charges
...and boom goes the dynamite
Taking out a chopper with the Predator Missile
Aerial Combat
The Wii version offers a large variety of control options

Windows version

Main menu (consists of Special Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer).
Special Ops now consists of Missions and Survival game modes
Kill Confirmed - A new game type in the CoD franchise
The goal of Kill Confirmed is to collect dog tags from downed enemies for points
The Predator Missile returns
As does the signature Kill Cam seen here
Near Death Experience
Another new addition in MW3 is weapons now having the ability to level up and gain special abilities
Fighting in France with a cool new Assault Rifle
Rank Up
My Pave Low doing some serious damage
Golden Guns make a return
I'm the only one to say 'Good Game' but at least I was promoted again
This map has some rather grim scenery
Friends/Party Members have gold names and a blue icon on the mini-map
The Prologue begins just hours after MW2, with a friendly face by your side
Soap's wounds induce hallucinations of events from prior Modern Warfare games
Shepard had a bad day in MW2..
Obligatory CoD helicopter crash. Also meet Sandman.
Out of the chopper and..oh. That doesn't look familiar at all
Saddle up..
..Lock and load!
Doing massive damage with the new XM25 grenade launcher
CNB Breaking News
Switching to my ACOG from holo using the new multi-scope attachment
XM25 zoomed in on the Russian troops
The grenade launcher is toned-down in Multiplayer but is still a force to be reckoned with in Campaign
Planting charges on the signal jammer
..And Boom goes the dynamite
For those who criticize the CoD franchise for not innovating the game engine, well this is about 5% of the city scape you would fly through in this scene
All in a days work
Story cinematic's remain true to the MW series rather than going for the more vivid, dynamic ones from Black Ops
Cutting into a flooded tunnel to intercept a Russian Submarine
He should have stayed home
Like I said, the engine has seen significant upgrade and looks stunning
Raiding the sub
Close quarters combat
Sleeping on the job, are we?