Call of Duty: United Offensive

Call of Duty: United Offensive Screenshots

Windows version

Mission objectives
Destroy German trucks.
The way is blocked. The Americans needs to find another passage.
German invasion at the Bulge must be stopped.
Allied bomber attacking enemy positions.
Anti-tank-gun (PAK) and a couple of German soldiers guarding a road.
Killing spree
Attack on the German convoy
I'm bleeding!
Cleaning the house from German troops.
Burning church
In the bomber
"Messerchschmits 12 o'clock!"
No doubt, this mission has the best visuals in a whole game.
Enemy patrol
Burning truck
Railroad station
This bridge must be destroyed...
...with enemy train on it.
Sunset makes a nice view.
Head a little dizzy after an explosion.
Toward the end of the game, Soviet side
On a bike with Ingram
Once a RAF gunner, now a SAS gunner
Yuri plays with DCA.
Main title
Main menu
Car chase firefight
Allied tanks coming in to help after we took out most of the enemy already
Heading toward the town under heavy enemy fire
Holding your ground against the panzers
This island looks heavily fortified from this side
Firing at the pursuing gunboats
Allied reinforcements
Enemy soldiers are trying to block our progress on the road