Call of Duty: World at War Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
You control a couple different soldiers on various war fronts.
Just got rescued by your comrades... but there's no time to rest.
Bomb indicator means you will most likely be killed if you don't run or throw the grenade back at the enemy.
Beach landing just turned out tougher than it looked.
Sarge just saved you from drowning, now get up and take out those bunkers!
Mark their defense line for a missile strike.
The bunker is no more, that was a direct hit.
Swamp can be a good place for an ambush.
Infiltrating the enemy camp.
Germans Wehrmacht is not sparing even the dying.
Bombers will camouflage the sound of firing just fine.
Through the eye of the beholder.
Moving through the ruins of Stalingrad.
Each mission has an intro before you jump into action.
Our tanks are protecting the infantry.
You can pick up enemy weapons if you find it superior or run out of bullets for your own.
Dangerously low on ammo.
Close combat.
Steady... aim... fire!! Even a pistol can be deadly at long distance if you've got a calm hand.
Battle in the trenches with everything burning around you.
Enemy tank, dead ahead!
Missed German artillery on that hill.
Moving to a different turret where the enemy is.
Blasting down merchant ships.
They got us bad... the plane is barely holding.
Throwing a satchel charge in a deep grass... which just so happens to be full of enemy soldiers waiting in ambush.
Japanese defenses around the temple are looking impenetrable... and we need ammo, SOON!
Sneaking up to a secret meeting in one of the underground tunnels.
Campaign videos showing actual WWII footage
Escaping the village under the cover of night
Commencing Operation Watchtower on Guadalcanal
Seeing friendly fighters in the sky boost the morale a bit
We're sitting ducks in this shallow water
Assaulting well entrenched enemy platoon
Peleliu airfield is well protected by the Imperial forces
Proceeding through the dense jungle
After high official have been dealt with, regular infantry comes next
Derelict buildings are perfect place for a sniper team
Allied tanks are burning the fields to flush out the enemy
Infantry firefight in the countryside
Follow your comrades and clear out the trenches
After a huge struggle, enemy airfield has been captured and we can launch our offensive further towards Japan
Sherman convoy moving on a jungle trail
Hunting down the artillery in fairly light but agile tanks
Infantry is no match for a tank, unless they have bazookas
Strafing at the enemy ships... surprising what a machine-gun can do to a ship
No time to smell flowers, but if I lift my head even for a second, I'm dead
Japanese snipers are hiding in the trees

Wii version

Title Screen
There are numerous control options available
Selecting difficulty.

Windows version

Main menu
Cutscenes are a mix of crude cartoon graphics and documentary footage.
BOOM makes the barrel.
Called an airstrike on that tank.
The calm before the storm.
I died - as so often.
Attacking a bunker.
Roast beef anyone?
Showdown at the airfield.
German bombers over Stalingrad.
I wish I had a bullet right now...
The multiplayer loading screen shows a nice artwork of the next level.
Choose your fix.
The kill cam shows the last five seconds of your life.
Close combat with grenades
An overview of the current map
My teammate plants the bomb.
Yes, I know I was bad...
New map, new chances
I didn't shoot that plane.
Attack in progress
Killed by a grenade.
Protecting a captured airfield.
Faking dead.
They are trying to kill me with a flame gun.
German attack dog
Sgt. Reznov
Attacking an enemy mortar station
Victory celebration
Sitting on a tank.
Targeting a tank.
Firing a machine gun.
Throwing a molotov cocktail.
Finish him.
Captured by enemy soldiers.
Under attack
Enemy firing from a bunker.
Using a flamethrower.
I kill you with my last breath.
Call of Duty: World at War introduced the "Nazi Zombies" game mode. It's pretty fun and challenging.
They're coming..

Xbox 360 version

You begin the story as a captured P.O.W.
The rest of your squad arrives and breaks you out.
The attack begins.
Storming the village.
Quite a firefight.
Making our escape.
Each mission begins with a loose description of its history.
Landing on Peleliu Island with the Marines.
Getting our orders.
Under attack.
Looks like the island is more defended than we thought.
Calling in a missile strike.
Aftermath of the strike.
A soldier burns out an MG nest.
The Navy takes down another nest for us.
A German soldier checks for survivors in Stalingrad.
Preparing our revenge.
Sniping under the guidance of an old vet.
The "Nazi Zombies" mode.
Waves of Zombies flood what's left of the bunker.
They look hungry.
Chew on that!