Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
You can find various unlockable artwork pieces throughout the game.
The only thing that could break a bond between two brothers... a woman.
Each mission has a brief prologue consisted of narrated comics.
Game starts two years earlier while the battle for north and south was still raging.
Looks like the enemy is soon coming for us.
Defending position with two trusty colts.
Thomas can use quickdraw to take multiple targets at once... in this case, vultures.
Don't stay too long to admire the view, you never know when some stray bullet will come your way.
Enemy soldiers seemed to have burned down our houses.
The sheriff looks angry.
In duels you cannot draw before the bell rings.
A pretty face, and a cause to most of your problems.
One thing this game does not run out of... badguys.
Shootout in a Mexican bar... switch to weapon of your preference.
With a single weapon you can use zoom which will blur surrounding area.
There are a couple of open-world missions where you can take on jobs to earn some cash or just plain explore.
Saving a couple from the bandits.
Approaching the town on a horse.
It's time to break the prisoner from the jail.
It's a long way down.
Escorting the carriages.
We are entering the Apache territory now.
Indians are attacking... and they got rifles, too.
Taking a canoe to the sacred ground.
You can choose between Thomas and Ray before the mission starts.
Remnants from the past... don't they know the south has lost the war by now?
Helping the indians defend the village.
Entering the ghost town.

Windows version

Main Menu
Choose your class (multiplayer).
The objective in this multiplayer mode is to blow up shit.
The Loading Screen advances the story further.
Vast forests, fast running streams - and the sound of cannon fire in the background.
Shooting some guys in concentration mode.
I already said it once somewhere else but it bears mentioning twice: no shooter would be complete without stationary defense sections.
That's going to be a headshot.
Blowin' up the bridge.
Before each chapter you can choose who you want to play - well not always as sometimes the game dictates it.
Jackson's farm is up in flames.
Find secrets in the game and unlock real photographs by doing so.