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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Comics-styled cutscenes tell the story
The game is split into episodes involving a famous Wild West bandit or a well-known robbery
So the game begins and it looks like a painting
Met a small gang on the way to the village
Found a secret (so-called "Nugget of Truth")
Player's skills can be upgraded in three categories
Blowing up the water tower
Collectible Nuggets of truth
Many characters are introduced in such stylish cutscenes
Causing some major damage
The duel
Episode clear
I have a double-barreled shotgun
Almost dead
Killing enemies looks so satisfying in this game
Dynamite can solve many problems
Shooting twin revolvers
Killing them as fast as I can for more XP
In certain circumstances you have a second or two to dodge the bullet
In the bar
There are some really picturesque views in the game
Bank robbery in progress (bit I'm one of the good guys)
Beware of falling logs
Manning a machine gun in the swamps
This duel is not so fair
The worst scenario of train wreck
Nice particle effects in this scene
Quick weapon select interface
One category of skills fully upgraded
On a train
Ghost town
Arcade mode lobby
Choosing setup in Arcade mode
The goal of Arcade mode is to rack up points by keeping combo count high
Sometimes game presents you views that certainly remind of a grandness of previous CoJ titles (sans Cartel).