Cannon Fodder 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The renowned disk swapping message.
More recruits approaching from the east.
This is how the mission begins.
Mission briefings are clear and concise.
Level designers ran out of ideas already for first mission. Does this stand to Z or number 2 for marking the sequel.
After each mission accomplished, those that survived will do the dance of joy.
Trying to take down the wire fence.
Killed in action. No matter how many you loose, recruiters won't run away.
Survivors, on the other hand, are promoted and ready to go wherever the next mission sends them.

DOS version

Title screen
Photo of developers
First mission.
Heroes in victory.
Mission 2.
Eliminate all enemy soldiers.
Destroy all buildings.
Lost soldier in the ruins of enemy camp.
Mission briefing
Lost in service
Enemy fortress
I Believe In Space
Mission in space
Lady Love Your Country
Country level
Mission Complete