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85 (May 04, 2011)
Capsized è un bellissimo gioco indipendente che viene venduto a meno di dieci euro e che sarebbe un delitto lasciarsi sfuggire (provate almeno la demo). Qualche difetto c'è, come i cambi d'arma improvvisi che fanno perdere più di qualche vita o un paio di situazioni in cui si rischia di rimanere incastrati e di dover ricominciare il livello, ma si tratta di quisquilie che non rovinano l'opera nel suo complesso.
WindowsIGN (May 19, 2011)
Capsized is another fine example of what a small development team can accomplish with enough ambition and talent. The game is good-looking, entertaining and boasts a fluidity of play many bigger games would envy. Even with a handful of minor missteps, it's a clever, interesting platformer worth every cent of its asking price and every hour spent playing it.
WindowsRealm of Gaming (Nov 26, 2013)
Capsized is a delightful and devious 2D experience exploding with challenge and action. It's the kind of game that makes me glad I give obscure titles a chance. So if you dig indie titles and pine for a skull-crushing adventure, give Capsized a chance. Just be sure to take up yoga on the side, or maybe listen to the Pure Moods compilation to remedy your frustration between sessions.
WindowsCanardPC (May 16, 2011)
Aussi beau et envoûtant que difficile et éprouvant, voilà le meilleur moyen de résumer Capsized. Sa superbe 2D, sa musique ensorcelante et son univers vous feront voyager à des lieues de ce que vous connaissez, tandis que son affreuse prise en main au clavier (pad obligatoire), son côté shoot parfois un peu rude et son immensité auront rapidement raison des joueurs les moins motivés. Les autres découvriront un plateformer s’adressant autant au plaisir des sens qu’au sens de l’aventure, les deux étant ici intrinsèquement liés.
80 (Jul 22, 2011)
Capsized is an excellent platformer, with striking visuals, that charts an eerie journey to an unknown planet. It is let down by some alarmingly major technical problems and a lack of polish.
WindowsGameZebo (May 23, 2011)
Capsized is a gorgeously atmosphere tale of survival in a seemingly hopeless situation that will enthral from start to finish. If this isn't the type of game you normally play, you should at least give the demo a download and see if the fast pace and intense action capture your attention.
WindowsGameSpot (May 03, 2011)
Though Capsized may not be a complete package, it is an enthralling one. It's rare that you get to explore a gameworld teeming with this much life, in which the artistic design and soundscape work together to provide such a delightfully alien atmosphere. Sightseeing here is a pleasure greatly augmented by the diverse ways you can get around each level, and once you begin to use your locomotive tools in concert, moving around becomes a treat in and of itself. Whether you're playing it for the first time or revisiting a level to indulge your skills, blasting your way through this hostile land is exciting and enjoyable, making Capsized a great option for those hankering for adventure.
80 (UK) (May 06, 2011)
A mere 12-level campaign rather curtails your wistful pleasure, but the presence of four 'Arcade' modes doesn't hurt, especially co-op. The other modes, including local deathmatch, survival, time trials and armless fighting feel inessential by comparison. But, honestly, what else were you going to with that fiver?
Xbox (Jul 10, 2013)
Bis auf die zu sensible Schussausrichtung reagiert die Steuerung gut, die Kollisionsabfrage hinterlässt ebenfalls einen sauberen Eindruck. Die Action, die eher an ein Metal Slug mit offenen Levelstrukturen als an die klassische Vampirjagd Konamis erinnert, ist zwar mitunter hektisch und gelegentlich unfair. Sie weiß aber immer wieder durch Tempowechsel zu überzeugen und wird von einem unheimlich chilligen Soundtrack unterlegt, der in krassem Gegensatz zu der gelegentlichen Hektik auf dem Schirm steht. Capsized ist nicht so poliert wie z.B. Rayman Origins und schon gar nicht so durchgeknallt wie ein Hell Yeah. Doch der Charme, den das Team von Koolhaus Games hier entfacht, kann viele Mankos ausgleichen.
Windows3D Juegos (May 04, 2011)
Muy divertido y desafiante, Capsized se presenta como un notable juego de plataformas y acción bidimensional que encandilará a los más veteranos por ese aroma a clásico que destila de principio a fin. Algunos problemas con el sistema de control –algo impreciso en ocasiones-, un cooperativo que podría haberse explotado más, y un diseño de niveles algo irregular –aunque no malo- lo alejan de los grandes clásicos, pero pese a todo no deja de ser una compra más que recomendable para cualquier amante de las aventuras de acción bidimensionales.
75 (Aug 09, 2011)
Il ne faut pas systématiquement chercher de l'innovation dans les petits jeux indépendants. Capsized, par exemple, n'invente rien. Il se contente de reprendre à son compte les mécanismes éprouvés de l'action / plates-formes. Mais il le fait bien, avec un style graphique et surtout une musique très réussie. Ce qui avait commencé comme un crash sur une planète hostile se révèle finalement être un beau voyage.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Apr 29, 2011)
All in all, Capsized is a solid game. If you’re nostalgic for the era of DOS-based 2D shooters like Duke Nukem or Commander Keen, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Capsized. With its classic gameplay and a wide variety of ways to get around, Capsized is a good first effort from Alientrap and a good sign of things to come.
WindowsThunderbolt Games (May 16, 2011)
But, I like Capsized. It uses its design rather effectively, making the gameplay tell its story instead of relying on cutscenes and taking players out of the experience. It is a story about survival against the odds and, in addition to a lengthy campaign, players can unlock new play modes by collecting stars. There’s also a local co-op mode, a rarity on the platform. Though not flawless, Capsized combines a unique style with classic gameplay to produce a unique and memorable experience.
WindowsCheat Code Central (Apr 29, 2011)
The 2D platformer is not dead. Capsized proves that current-gen design philosophies and gameplay mechanics can be applied to this ancient genre, making it feel fresh once again. There is a lot of innovation in this title, and an artwork style that you'll want to stop and stare at. Not bad for a mere ten dollars, I would say. I just hope Capsized can be patched to support more controller types in the future.
60 (May 03, 2011)
Pour un petit prix, Capsized se montre assez honnête. La réalisation est de haut niveau, avec des musiques particulièrement soignées, peu de bugs, des graphismes originaux et un gameplay complet. Mais Alien Trap nous rend une copie de bon élève qui manque un peu d'inspiration.
WindowsRock, Paper, Shotgun (May 05, 2011)
That said, I can’t remember the last platformer this good to grace the PC (VVVVVV?), and I’m not sure I’ve ever played a platformer quite this elegant. If ripping your way through an alien menace and looking good doing it sounds like something you’d enjoy, buy this game. You will not find a better use of £5.39.