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Captain America and the Avengers

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Game Boy

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"Avengers Assemble!" Genesis MasterMegid (897)
OK! LETS GO! Genesis ETJB (447)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 4 4.0
Game Boy 2 3.1
Game Gear 3 3.5
Genesis 16 3.2
SNES 6 1.7
Combined MobyScore 31 3.0

The Press Says

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Captain America and The Avengers es un título normalito de lucha callejera cuyo mayor atractivo es la licencia de Marvel. Resulta entretenido jugarlo con un amigo para manejar a la Visión o Iron Man para enfrentarse a un centinela o a un montón de enemigos clónicos, pero a la larga se vuelve repetitivo y anodino. Gráficos simples, música sin personalidad, control poco fluido... Cabe añadir que la versión arcade o y la de Super Nintendo resultan superiores, por los gráficos mejorados con más detalles, escenas entre acto y acto, mayor reto al jugar, acción más fluida y la posibilidad de jugar con tres amigos más.
Game GearElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Captain America fares well on this Game Gear version, even without the Two-player Simultaneous Play Option. Yet, you still have the variety of heroes to choose from. Executing their special moves is easy.
Comparativement à la version Megadrive, c'est kif-kif bourricot ! Seules les couleurs sont meilleures dans la version Super Nintendo. Par contre, le jeu est toujours aussi lassant, surtout quand on doit éliminer les ennemis, ce qui prend environ 100% du temps : pour chacun, comptez deux milliards de coups dans la gueule, et le tour sera joué ! Au moins, vous aurez toujours l'occasion de refiler les manettes aux trente générations qui vous succéderont ! Vous l'avez compris, c'est pas vraiment la joie. A votre place, je ferais comme si je n'avais rien vu.
SNESGame Players
Basic when compared to other recent comic-book based games, but it has an old-time comic-book feel. Special moves keep it interesting.
Game GearVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Clean graphics accurately replicate our comic-book heroes, though the characters could have been slightly larger, making them easier to see. The playability is repetitive and not unique by any fashion. You can easily pass this one up.
Beim ersten Anzocken des Titels anno 1993 empfand ich nicht gerade große Freude, einfach weil Captain America and the Avengers einfach in jeder Hinsicht der Konkurrenz von Konami oder Capcom hinterher hinkt. Dazu tritt schon nach kurzer Spielzeit ein Trashfaktor auf, der wohl eher ungewollt von den Programmieren ins Leben gerufen wurde. Wollt ihr also einen lustigen Abend mit etwas abgefahrenden erleben, so steckt die Cartridge in euer Super Nintendo und lasst euch in die Trashwelt der Avengers entführen. Eigentlich schade, was die Programmierer mit dieser Lizenz gemacht haben - die Marvel-Comichelden haben schließlich mit Sicherheit was Besseres verdient!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
This game packs no less than twelve different boss characters, my favorite being a hulking robot that fills the screen in stage two. The beginning of stage two plays more like a shooter as you fly through the air while inexplicably blasting flying scuba divers spiraling out of control. The text dialogue provides an unexpected entertainment bonus, serving up dramatic exchanges like: "You can't escape!" "You will be the one escaping!" Marvel comic fans will also appreciate how obscure elements of the comics have been incorporated into the game. For example, during the shooting stages you're accompanied by a tiny character named Wasp. On the whole Captain America and the Avengers is average fare, but comic fans can probably bump up the grade by a letter.
Game GearGamePro (US)
Overall, Captain America is not very innovative or exciting. This superhero isn't even a super-near-o.
GenesisDefunct Games
Captain America and the Avengers can be a lot of fun with a friend alongside, but most serious gamers should just avoid this disappointment. There isn't a whole lot here to grab on to, which is probably why it's not as fondly remembered as Konami's X-Men. Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man and even Vision deserve better than this.
GenesisPower Play
Möglicherweise haben die Programmierer von Captain America and the Avengers das Mega Drive mit einem Master System verwechselt. Nur so kann ich mir das Ruckeln, die farbarme Grafik und das schreckliche Geflacker erklären – insbesondere im Zwei-Spieler-Modus. Nur die Musik verwöhnt den Spieler mit gelungenen Kompositionen. Doch das allein kann nicht über die häßlichen Grafiken, das witzlose Spielprinzip und die erbärmliche Programmierung hinwegtrösten.
SNESTotal!! UK Magazine
An embarrassing attempt at a Marvel licence which is not only a travesty of the original comics but is almost unrecognisable as a Super NES game. Strictly for lunatics.
SNESSuper Play Magazine UK
I'd rather be playing something good, than helping the Cap'n rescue the world from a load of flickery, craply animated sprites. Actually, "flickery" isn't strictly true. They only flicker when you hit them, whereupon they become temporarily invulnerable. And you keep getting beaten up by gangs of invincible thugs who you've hit once and then can't hit again until they stop flickering. Overall verdict: Not a very good game at all. If you liked the coin-op (which seeps pretty unlikely), it might persuade you, though.
SNESHigh Score
Tristessen tar sig nya uttryck efter att man har börjat spela det här spelet. Mindscape har lyckats göra ett spel helt utan fördelar.
Data East's abysmal superhero cash-in is one of those titles where the worthlessness of the adventure is established from the very first level. It's a mess of boredom, stupidity and hilarity that encapsulates Captain America and the Avengers, marching you through waves of dull attackers so you can fight Whirlwind. "You can't escape!" exclaims Captain America before this battle, to which Whirlwind senselessly responds: "You will be the one escaping!" But the only one wanting to escape this rubbish will be you.