Captain America and the Avengers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Select hero
Red skull - famous enemy
Captain throws shield
Destroy cola machine
Get over here!
Iron Man joins to game
Level 1 boss
Like tornado
Level end
Fight on roof
Ally with vehicles
Enemy has energy shield
Little BOOM!
Enemy plane
Boss fight
Playing with Iron Man in Manhattan
Submarine Boss
Scene 4
Vision fighting with boss
Scene 5
Do not stop shooting
You have to destroy this base
Pre Final Boss
Final Boss
Escapes from base
The End
Great final Avenger's logo
Iron Man (Final Stamp)

Game Boy version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose an Avenger
Opening story
Scene 1: The Avengers!
Starting the game as Captain America.
Throwing the shield.
Taking a punch.
A drop kick.
Level 1-1 complete
Fighting a mini-boss.
Cap has been killed.
Iron Man is shooting an energy beam.
Playing as Vision.
Vision shooting energy beams.
You can also pick up and throw enemies.
Playing as Hawkeye.
Hawkeye shooting an arrow.
Hawkeye facing Whirlwind.
When Whirlwind turns into a tornado, all you can do is avoid him until he turns back.
Stage 1 clear!
The story continues.
Scene 2: Target Town
Starting scene 2 with Hawkeye.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Options screen
Character selection
Captain America on the town
Cap is killed in the park
Hawkeye on the rooftops
Game over

Genesis version

Title Screen
Character select
Scene 1
Captain America throwing his magic shield
Playing Iron Man
There are many conveniently placed throwable barrels around.
Chat before the upcoming mid-boss fight.
One at a time, please!
The first main boss
Scene 2 introductory screen
Scene 2
Taking off to a change in gameplay (horizontal shooter)
Aaiiiii, robot!!!
The second main boss
Scene 3
Another horizontal shooting segment, this time underwater
The third boss is a giant mechanical octopus.
Small Gift
Robot is destroyed. Captain America has a little problem.
Many enemies in vertical shooter time.

SNES version

Title Screen
Character introduction: Hawkeye.
Main menu.
Character Select
Red Skull masterminds the chaos
Iron Man smashes foes
I'd sure as hell like to know who the fucker is supposed to represent... Kinda looks like a mix between Juggernaut and The Hulk (due to all that green). Only... smaller.
Scene 2 - Target Town.
Scene 2...
Captain America versus "Scene 2 boss".
Scene 3 - Challenge From The Bottom Of The Sea. Hero (character) - Vision.
I just wish Ecco the Dolphin was here to save me.
Scene 3 boss.
Then what the hell are you all doing sitting over there? Get a move on, you pricks.
Scene 4 - The Giant Laser Cannon.
Usually it's stuck up an enemy's asshole, what do you think?
Yes, Scene 4 boss.
Scene 5 - The End of Red Skull.
So peaceful...
Not anymore. Plam! Plam!
That's probably the sissiest "jump" ever made, using the manliest legs ever created.
"It's over, Red Skull!"
"The forces of good will triumph!"
Stage clear!
Talk about corny sentences. Even my grandma's old sayings are more badass than that shit.
High Scores.